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Work, Winter and Water


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This might get a bit long and boaring and if you dont want to read it then feel free to go elswere, To those that are intrested thank you for your time. On tuesday i started a job at the biggest saturated fat consumer in history "MCDONALDS". The job is fairly light work but with 9 hour shifts and can get tiersome, maybee someone on here also works there, anyway, when i got to work im fine, apart from the everyday pots symptoms. Whilst in work i have to enter the COLD ROOM, bascilly a giant freezer, to collect fries and burgers, when i enter the freezer my HR instantly drops and goes slow and then i get all the pots symptoms for a few seconds, skipping beats, ect . ect. Once i get out into the store again im ok, apart from when im tiered. Thats one W.


Do pots symptoms get worse in the winter? because latley ive noticed my BP goes sky high then low. Just the other day i was standing at work , had about 6 hours sleep if no less, and i went dizzy, my eyes were fine, and my head but my body felt dizzy, if you understand, i have no pain or anythink whislt this was happening, apart from anxiety effects afterwards, becasuse in the 2 Years ive never had that. I also get pains in my chest, for a few seconds, and can last 10 mins or so, but they come and go daily , and have done for years. Ive also had sharp pains in my lower stomach / Intestines, that shoots upwards and sort of shocks me for a second, then goes. I seem to get more and more symptoms and it gets me depressed and angry. Id like to here what weird and disterbing things happen to you people? do the symptoms scare you? or have they?

Also Water? i drink not alot of it, should i? Also what foods can make me feel better?

Tuna? Sea Salt? and how much salt should i use, caue ive herd people mention salt loading? and is that dangerous?

Thanks, any advice apreciated.

James x

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:P I work full time and love my job. Going to work everyday takes allot out of me. I hate mornings and often pray myself to work while driving. All your symptoms sound like a normal day in my body. I feel you are almost giving them to much attention or should I say power. It is great to hear from us all that we are experiencing the same and then you have to accept it. Accepting P.O.T.S is the best thing you can do for yourself. Educate yourself and ask many questions.

I eat 6 small meals a day. Low fat no sugar. In other words don’t eat at work. I would not eat a meal there without feeling sick afterwards. I eat as much salt as I can. I drink water all day and all night. I don’t sleep through a night in my life. I normally get up 2 - 4 times a night. Mostly for water. Your thirst problem might not have come yet. My cardiologist emphasises water as being very important I personally know it is very important. Drink lots of water and eat healthy!

I live in South Africa so I can only comment on the heat. I HATE SUMMER! I don’t know your cold snow winters but everything gets worst for me in SUMMER. Through this board I have learnt to live with it and KNOWING I AM NOT ALONE IS GREAT! I had my first cold evening this weekend. I was like a child on Christmas day. In heaven!

Good luck but study more on our condition. Be prepared for the changes you will be going through.

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I live in Minnesota (the Iceland of North America excluding Alaska :P ). I can tell you that if I go from one temp extreme to another too quickly, like leaving my nice warm apartment, and then walking outside to sit in my car that is 14 degrees on a good day, I can POTS out. The ANS controls the area that controls body temp, so too cold or too hot, we have issues. Spring and Fall are my favorite seasons for this reason! :P

Anyway, stay warm, and hang in there. It is February, and the sun is coming around!

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do you have trouble with tempature control? do you get cold and stay cold, get hot and stay hot, and feel "potsie" at either extreme?

with going in and out of the freezer, try taking a few slightly deeper breaths just as you go in and let your body feel the cooling air for just a few seconds before walking in. i would also suggest support hose/pressure stockings, you might be amazed at the results. up your water intake slowly to see if it makes you feel better or worse. i would suggest the same thing with the salt.

i would also say not to eat the food there unless you need the salt for some reason. bring your own foods, snacks, drinks, etc. i know it is hard, i used to work in an Arby's, but in the long run you will be better off, with a balanced diet and the right fluids amounts you should have a pretty good go of it. i agree with the small snacky meals, 4-7 a day, depending on the lifestyle you have.

i hope you find the balance you need.


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Hi James, I have the same problem you do with the cold weather. In fact, sometimes I seem to be able to tolerate heat better than cold. I recently asked my doctor about it and he said alot of his patients feel worse with the cold. It has to do with overconstricting your blood vessels. I usually just try to dress warm and have a space heater in many rooms :P

The symptoms did scare me at the beginning, although I found it helped to educate myself on what was going on with my body. Then at least you can understand and know what is happening when you experience a flare-up.


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Hi James,

Some people seem to do better in the summer, and some do better in the winter. Personally, I do better in the winter, so I absolutely LOVE winter! I live in Wisconsin, so the cold (or cool) weather lasts a little longer than 4 months. The summer, on the other hand, is really humid and can get very hot. I don't handle humidity well, but I have air conditioning in my car, so that's a lifesaver. :blink:

About water---DRINK UP!! I carry a water bottle with me all the time. I think it really makes a difference. I feel more energetic when I'm well-hydrated, even though I have to pee a lot. :o

The work thing---I can't answer that. I haven't had my first job yet! I'm a freshman in college and anticipate getting a job in the summer. Until then....

Kristin :blink:

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