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Hey all,

Awhile back I posted about abdominal pains/ cysts on ovary and this weird lung,chest pain with my cycle. Well guess what a recent ultrasound discovered blood in my ovary and elevated c125 only 45 but still doctor said cancer is not likely the problem but endometerosis is!!!! Finally a answer to my menses problems.

Now I'm worried about the upcoming surgery, I have never had surgery and with the POTS problems it worries me more so suggestions greatly appreciated. I do have an appointment with my cardio on Monday so I'm sure he'll have some advice for me but to those that have had surgery and hysterectomy's after having this condition I'd love to hear from you.

Has anyone gotten better or relief from hyster or ovary removal?



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I have endometerosis and had laproscopic surgery. I was on a beta blocker at the time. I have had surgery 3 times with pots and worried each time. No problems and one surgery was fairly long. I have not had anything removed but I was put on a hormone pill. it was called Kariva- some of the newer pills are horrible for us ( YAZ really made me sick), but maybe a pill that has been around longer would be safe and helpful for you. If you have a hysterectomy you may have to deal with menopause issues and you are quite young. I don't know your exact situation but I would be hesitant to have a hysterectomy.

They removed a cyst from my ovary- went in though my belly button and got rid of all of the endo that they could. The doctor wanted to show me the pictures !!! gross. If you want to PM me feel free and I can tell you what I know ( not much :))

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Paona just posted this article in another topic, and I wanted to post it here too in case you didn't see it. Anesthetic Consideration In A Patient With Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome http://www.ispub.com...a-syndrome.html

If you don't get many replies here, you may find some of the posts in Paona's current topic helpful. http://forums.dinet....191#entry175191

You might also find some more information by doing a search. I know that surgery has been discussed many times here before.

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