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Exercise And Pots


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Hi everyone:

I'm continuing my blog about exercise and pots. I ended it after a horrid fight with my mother when she told me that I was burdening everyone with my illness. But, a had a lot of friends rally around me and tell me to continue talking to them about pots. I think it's just a good thing to get the information out there about this horrible disease because maybe someone will not have to suffer. I'm still making it into a more informative blog, but if you would like to visit it,: http://newoneburntoshine.wordpress.com/

I have a goal to run the Ragnar Relay Series in June. I don't know what I'm thinking! I've been training really hard and feel like death. I spent Wednesday in bed wondering why I'm still alive. It is so hard. But I'm trying and that is the best any of us can do. I would love it if you have found exercise tips or things that make it easier to comment on my blog and let me know about them. I seriously feel like I have heart failure most of the time.

Well anyway. I hope posting about my blog doesn't violate any forum rules. I link back to this site on my pots informational tab and hopefully I can raise awareness with a group who might not ever know about pots otherwise.

Well, cheers.

Kitsa (oceangirl7)

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I looked at your blog and you have a terrific sense of humor! I am also struggling to keep up my exercise level, although I'm not doing as well as you are. I try to get in 3-4 workouts a week, and do ab exercises as well. I have a treadmill at home, and I belong to a gym where I love to do the EFX machine - on good/better days! Sometimes it makes me feel a little better, and sometimes it makes me down for the count on the next day, but I know it's imperative to do as much as I can. I have to have lots of water around when I work out, and usually need to take off a day between sessions.

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I did not know you had an exercise blog. Great that so many people here have blogs. Good for you for not listening to your mom. POTS impacts your life so much. How could you not talk about it?

I have started exercerising more regularly in the new year, because I gained about 10 lbs late last yr. Cardio is hard for me, which is why yoga has been my main exercise for the past few years. But it is the way to lose weight, so i have been riding a recumbent bike. I dont think i could ever handle spin class, tho. How do you do it? I have been wearing compression hose for my cardio, which I think has helped my recovery time. after my body gets used to cardio, I no longer need the hose, but for now it helps a lot. be gentle on yourself - find a balance between working towards your goal and pushing too hard and making yourself sick. I hope you are able to complete your race!

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