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My grandmother had severe preeclampsia when preg with my mom. One of my sisters was told she was beginning to develop preeclampsia at end of both of her pregnancies. (She is preg now for a 3rd time and we'll see if it happens again).

I had PIH at end of pregnancy, I was told, but no preeclampsia. I believe POTS was playing a role in the bp regulation at the end.

No marfan and no kidney disease in my family.

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Hey firewatcher, are the cousins from the same parent? Same gender? And not to scare you but I have heard there is a lot of anyeurism issues with marphan but I'm pretty sure you would know if you had marphan by now...

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I have a significant family history of aneurysm. My mom and her sister both have had aneurysms, and their father, a brother and another sister all died unexpectedly. There is now significant suspicion they had aneurysms as well. My mom has two different types of aneurysms (aorta and coronary), which is quite rare, from what her surgeon explained. Her sister has 2 aneurysms in the brain. Have since learned of at least 10 other relatives on my mom's side with aneurysms. We were strongly advised to have all first degree relatives screened with X rays/ultrasound, which do a decent job of detecting aortic aneurysms, then repreated every 5 years. My mom's initial blood work for a connective tissue disorder were negative and we were told genetic testing would likely not be covered by insurance and cost upwards of $10k. No hypermobility or Marfan's in the family, but aneurysms galore.

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