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Bragging About A Doctor!!


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I had two doctors appointments today and believe it or not I found a lot of help! The second doc knew everything I was talking about. She told me that I did have fibromyalgia and possible nerve damage. She set me up for testing next week and gave me some more medicine to try. I feel so hopeful.

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Glad you found a good doctor to help you :0) that is always great news on here, as many are still struggling to find good docs who genuinely care. It took me over 8 years or more, maybe a good 9, in order to find my current rare case/integrative doc, who is amazing. He may not know everything about my diseases but he sure cares and we try everything. I had to fire my previous doc and personal friend of 10 years...... as that doc, the last 3 years of the progression of my diseases, well, because he/she couldn't figure me out, i was treated with the utmost ugliness and was then being treated in a very skeptical manner..... which had a serious negative impact on me......

My journey may have been long, but I was and have always been ever so grateful for finding my new doc a year ago in december. And boy was i so excited when he agreed to take me on, as he wasn't accepting patients any longer....... :)

glad you shared....... we are all very happy and excited for you!!!

good docs for us are rare gems!!


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