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Is There Symbol For Pots?

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Dumb question-- what does the dysautonomia pin look like? Just the blue or red ribbon pin, or is there something else?

I'm kind of a big fan of the zazzle stuff that says "Feel like running a marathon every day? No? Me either" and then something about Dysautonomia awareness.

I don't have any of it (I'm a closet Dysautonomiac) but if I was going to support a witty logo, I can appreciate how that one simplifies things yet quantifies it in a way that is tangible for those without the condition. I've seen ones dealing with fainting--- but I think running until your extremely ill/exhausted/the toll it takes on your body (ultra marthoners or regular non-trained up people) is something more people can relate to than fainting or "tachycardia". Running a marathon without training for it could mess up every system in your body temporarily--- it would work the fainting and puking in!

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Yeah, I think its red for pots an blue for dysautonomia. But i kinda think we need.something more original that will help people remember that this disease exists, having a symbol or catch phrase is more important than many think

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