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My Latest Labs May Explain Flare


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I've been mostly couchbound for 4 months now due to an increase in oh, pots and pem. My digestion

slowed down considerably in september so I thought my celiac was back.

I had a metamatrix stool test back in oct and just found out that I have h pylori (5.6E + 005 ref range <= 1.0 + 005) and

parasites ( endolimax nana and unknown non human). I'm to start treatment for the h pylori asap then we'll treat the parasites. I had been

feeling pretty good and thought this flare was either from celiac or me/cfs/dysautonomia so I was shocked to see this.

My gluten antibodies (10.5 ref range <=21.4 - but it's labeled high) were up too but not horribly. Cross contamination is nailing me. I rarely

eat a gf processed food but I was eating nuts and seeds regularly.

I'm low on bifo, butyrate ane elastase too.

Otherwise my gut bacteria looks good. Most of my good bacteria levels are ok. And there was no candida or fungus. YAY ! Sadly, the antibiotics for h pylori are going to mess this up.

I haven't looked at the rest of this test yet but those are the most obvious readings. Looking back,

I have had stomach pain but thought it was from celiac .. Surprise !

I also had my aldosterone and renin tested and those came back normal. My cortisol was 13 tho.

This was a fasting blood test and I had pre-seizure activity immediately afterwards so I'm not

sure if that affected my cortisol. I had to take klonopin to stop the seizure so it wasn't just my

usual hypoglycemia.

I'm tired so I'll have to come back to add the rest. Tc .. D

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Just a heads-up

Have you had any conventional testing done to verify the results?

My DS had some positive results from Metametrix, but multiple conventional testings failed to find the same results. I wanted it to be true, because then we had something to treat, but it wasn't. He did start feeling better (for about 5 months he was fine)--which theoretically shouldn't have happened if the Metametrix test had been correct.

I hope you feel better very soon!!

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I have had gastritis and ulcers on most of my upper scopes, yet always tested negative on h. pylori. I always wondered if they didn't quite test in the right spot and I actually DO have h. pylori. It sure would answer all the gastritis and bloating. Even though I've heard the treatment is not a walk in the park, I would like to try it to see if things would get better.

I wrote something a couple of years ago about h. pylori that could cause/affect orthostatic issues. I'll have to dig it up and link it.

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Thanks .. I hadn't thought of that. But .. My doctor who ordered this test is an integrative doctor,

md + natural, soooo I trust her opinion. She's clearly not biased in either direction so I'm assuming

she thought of that. I've been seeing her for 3 - 4 years now and she's been right most, if not

all, of the time.

Btw. I know the traditional gluten antibody testing via blood was changed a few years ago to make it less

sensitive. A freind of mine posted extensively about this when his wife's numbers suddenly

looked great for no reason ..

I've heard from others that stool testing is more accurate for digestive issues but as a layman I

don't really know.

I sure hope this helps ...

I'm glad to hear that your son is doing better .. That's all that matters. Tc .. D

Ps. I hope I didn't sound ungrateful .. I really appreciate any help I can get and will keep this in mind.

Thanks again ..

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Hi sue,

Thanks, I'd love to see that.

My previous tests, endoscopy and breath, years ago, for h pylori were negative. My doc

was saying that we can catch this from anywhere. In fact, when she ordered the breath test

on me years ago, it was because she was seeing so much of it in her practice.

Between celiac disease, dysbiosis, candida and now h pylori and parasites, my gut can't

catch a break.

I wonder if someone who was diagnosed and treated for h pylori is a carrier ? If so, I have an

idea where I got this ...

Tc .. D

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