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Hello,I wanted to post to thank each and every person on dinet.I do not post as often as I would like due to being deep in a pots hole I can not seem to crawl out of.However I try to find the energy to read post at least every other day.Often I want to reply but just can't sit here long enough to do so.Heck,even if I could reply I don't think I would add anything helpful as I don't understand this disease.All I can offer is my support and understanding of what we all go through.I think about you all and include you all in my prayers each night.When I have a question or concern,even tho I dont post often,I always get several helpful replies.I just want to express how much I appreciate that.Hopefully some day I will be better able to reply to post but until then ..Thank you all for being there!Melanie

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Guest tearose

Hi Melanie! How thoughtful of you to say thank you. Thank you for that and you are welcome! And we sure are a fortunate group! As others reminded you, only do what you can when you can.

Are you okay in your pots hole? Sometimes we need to be there, sometimes we need to climb out on our own and sometimes we need someone to extend a hand and help us out.

Please just let us know if you want a hand. Otherwise we'll toss you down some of your favorite comfort items and sit at the top of the hole waiting for you...

hugs, tearose

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