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If you are hypothyroid, what kind of doctor are you seeing? I don't know if the reason my 15 yr. old daughter is so tired and dizzy is due to her thyroid or not but I'm trying to investigate this myself. Out of nowhere she crashed after having 15 months of being healthy and no POTS symptoms.For over 2 years, she hasn't had the usual POTS crash in the fall or feeling worse due to menstrual cycle or weather. She was slowly getting better. I question her lab results in regards to her thyroid because it's been over 3 years since she's had an increase in them. I'm reading that what is normal for some people may not be "normal" for others. She feels awful and I've never seen such fatigue in her! Even when she first became sick with POTS, she never slept this much!

I'm getting no help from her doctor who just keeps saying to me that her levels are normal. So, I'm wondering about a new doctor for her who will not just look at test results but also symptoms. I'm also reading that good doctors test the Free T4 and Free T3.

What dosing are you on? What do you take? How often do you get checked? Do you know if other medications and/or illness can change lab results? Her results since being sick have been all over the place.

Besides being tired, she has headaches, trouble sleeping, dry skin, no energy, little to no appetite, thinning eyebrows.

One other thing I want to mention is that when she was 18 months old, she had normal labs and yet she had fatigue and constipation. I kept bugging the doctors for a few months and finally, they increased her meds and she was better! That keeps nagging at me!

I would appreciate any info you can give me on your past experience with hypothyroidism. I'm desperate to have my daughter feel even a little bit better.


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Your daughter has every single symptom I had before I finally got diagnosed. My PCP wouldn't even consider hypo because he was only going by the TSH which was WNL, but that by itself is not always diagnostic. I spent YEARS getting worse and worse; the lethargy just finally got so bad I couldn't take it anymore. Not to mention the extreme hair loss.

On the advice of a friend I saw an integrative MD who did test my FT3 and FT4; the FT3 was low but still in range. She put me on compounded T3 but I did not respond well (long story) so I stopped it. I got a further second opinion from another GP who said 'I'm not going to go chasing thyroid'.

By sheer luck I was telling my symptoms to my allergist's nurse and she told me FYI he prescribes Armour. He is an MD but treats the whole person-a lovely doctor. So I got a second opinion from him and he started me on a trial of Armour. It changed my life. For the first year he monitored my labs every three to six months, now I am on a yearly schedule.

You may need to seek out a more integrative doctor for this, but don't hesitate. I am grateful for my tiny little pill every single day!

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Just thought I would say hi on the forum and let you know that we are thinking of all of you!

So freaky that the girls have both gone downhill once again--same time of the year every year for Lauren for the last 4 years!

Lots of positive thoughts being sent northwards to you! Talk to you soon!

Hi to L. and A.



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