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Diabetes Insipidus Questions Please Help


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I have had many urinary problems and have been very thirsty since my brain injury and POTS diabetes 1 and 2 have been ruled out multiple times and now i am thinking it could be insipidus.... my questions are

1. What kind of doctor would you see to test/evaluate

2. Does it have to be someone with neuro knowledge especially with my brain injury

3. Do any of you east coast people have any dr recs?

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You should see a Pituitary Endocrinologist, not just an endocrinologist. They will perform blood and urine tests and possibly an MRI, based on those, you may move to a water deprivation test (not fun!) A regular endocrinologist can do the other tests, but the "official" test, water deprivation, is usually done at a university hospital or specialized treatment center. Have you ever had a simultaneous blood and urine osmolality test done?

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