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Feeling Pretty Crappy This Week


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I am so glad I found this forum. I was first diagnosed with POTS in 2009, and it has bothered me from time to time. I have really been slammed this week for some reason. I am so dizzy I feel like I can barely stand, especially from about 9AM till noon. I am also really bloated, and generally not feeling well all over. I am taking Coreg 3.125 originally prescribed for Mitral Valve Prolapse about 5 years before the POTS diagnosis. I took Zoloft for about a year with mixed results. It was discontinued by my cardiologist after my family Dr. moved away. My new provider has put me through the ringer with testing. The only thing that has showed are low vit d and some noncancerous thyroid nodules. I have an appt with Vanderbilt in Jan because my provider doesn't know what to do really as she has limited experience with POTS. Does anyone have any suggestions to get me through this month? I am working full time as a nursing instructor, I don't know what I would do if I was still with patients everyday. I am 32 with a husband and small child so this is becoming very devastating to me personally.

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Hi and welcome to the forum! I'm pretty newly diagnosed as well and still trying to figure out what will work for me as well. I've just started Florinef about a month ago and I haven't felt much difference (if any) yet. I'm sure you've been told to drink lots of fluids, have lots of potassium and magnesium, and plenty of salt. That's about the only advice I know to give, but I totally sympathize with you and feel the same way. It's so hard to get used to not being able to do what I once could! Good luck to you on your visit to Vandy. I've been thinking about setting up something similar at the Cleveland Clinic. I hope you find some answers and some help.

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Hi and welcome!

I was on coreg for a couple of years and it was the only medication that really helped my chest pain, but it made me tired as well. It can also actually worsen orthostatic intolerance because it does lower blood pressure.

Is it safe for you to take in extra fluids and lots of salt? Can you wear compression hose?

Another thing that might help you stay mobile as a nursing instructor is a seat cane. You can use the cane to lean on as needed, and a seat pops out if your have a minute to rest.

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