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What Type Of Tachycardia Do You Have?


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I'd like to take a poll to see what kind of tachycardia everyone has. I was told mine stems from my sinoatrial node (also commonly spelled sinuatrial node, abbreviated SA node or SAN, also called the sinus node).

Can everyone please list their HR in different positions when flaring and when not flaring.

My HR when not flaring is at rest 65-85, sitting 75-90, standing 80-100.

When flaring I'm at rest 85-105, sitting 100-120, standing 110-155


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I also have Sinus tachycardia which my cardio says is the "normal" kind because it is coming from the correct place in your heart.

when not flaring:

laying: 70's

sitting: 80's

standing: 90's


laying: 70's

sitting: 90's

standing: 100-120's

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I actually dont know what kind of tachy I have, mine is just related to Pots, thats all I know!!

Not flaring,

Lying: low 50's to late 60's

sitting: late 60's

Standing: 90 to 110+


Lying: 70-80's

Sitting: 80-90's

Standing: 130+

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I'm not sure that I fully understand all of the types of tachy. My docs told me that I have Supraventricular Tachycardia and have told me in the ER that I had AV reentrant tachycardia. My monitor showed times of SVT critical and Sinus Tachycardia stable. As far as what all of this means, I don't have a clue haha.

Not Flaring:

laying: 70s - 80s

sitting: 80s - 100

standing: 115 - 130s


laying: still 70s - 80s

sitting: 80s -110

standing: 150s - 220s

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I don't know what type I have and I don't really have flares/non flares. So in general:

laying -70's

sitting -80's-90's (except when I first get up in the morning - sitting can be 120's)

standing - low 100's-115

standing in morning or after certain activities- 120-150

Goodness Dani and Alyssa 200 & 220s? That must feel very bad. :(

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Naomi - to be honest, I can't really feel much difference (other than the heart beating itself) between whether my HR is in the 120s or the 200s. Though I do think the higher it goes, the more tired I feel and those are possibly the days that I faint more - haven't paid enough attention to really come to a conclusion.

I'm with you on the flaring/not flaring. I just take it as the "better" days (ie the lower HR days) to be the non flaring days. But I think it's more of every day is a flare up, some are just worse than others.

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I have sinus tachycardia too :)

my heart rates:

when not flaring:

resting heart rate when laying flat 56-65bpm

resting heart rate when sat up 75-110

resting heart rate when stood 120-160

first thing in the morning and up until i've been up and about for a few hours my heart rate is higher, my heart rate when i sit up in bed first thing in the morning is usually around 140-145 bpm ish and when stood it's usually 165+ and i often pass out.

my heart rates when active are usually much higher when stood, although they dont raise as much when i'm out and about in my wheelchair. i figure i'm not designed to be bipedal ;)

when flaring:

resting heart rate when laying flat 90bpm ish

resting heart rate when sat up 100-130

resting heart rate when stood up 160- 210 (but has gone as high as 315 when i was in my 'super flare from ****' mode in 2007)

i checked my maximum heart rate and its around 189-191 bpm. the website i got the info from said you should avoid working to more than 80% of your max heart rate which for me is around 152bpm. no wonder i feel like death when my heart rate goes over 164bpm! :lol:

fi xx

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Actually in 2007 also, mine went to 240 something.. I was in the ER at the time and I just felt absolutely terrible ( I was trying to drive my car for the first time in months and wasnt diagnosed at that time and ended up in an amulance). They kept asking me how much cocaine I took and I kept telling them none, so I have to wait forever for a drug test to come back when they finally believed me. Thankfully I was diagnsed a month later :)

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My tachycardia is Sinus Tachycardia too (by definition POTS is a sinus tachycardia as it is the autonomic control of the heart rate tat has gone haywire not the actual electrical system of the heart. Though of course many people have both POTS and SVT just to make things more interesting!).

Well controlled (ie a good day and on medications)

Lying - 60s

Sitting - 70s

Standing - 80-110

Climbing stairs - 100-130

Bad times

Lying - 60s

Sitting - 80-100

Standing - 120-180

Climbing stairs > 220

The fastest my sinus tachycardia was ever recorded was 238/min during a cardiac exercise tolerance test in 2003 (before I became ill with POTS)


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