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Tingling In Face And Ears??? Help!


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I am having an increase in a symptom I've had mildly for years - the right side of my face starts to feel weak and tingles. My eye feels droopy, the right side of my mouth and face feel tingly and weak, and even my ear feels weird. This has intensified this week. In fact today it seems every time sit up it happens, and my ears both go numb/tingly as well. I have Raynauds, so I thought maybe it was a blood flow issue, so I laid on my right side thinking the blood would get back into that part of my face, and it worked a little, but I think its something more. Maybe hypoglycemia? Or anxiety - CO2 issues like when you hyperventilate? My extremities and feet tingle all the time, I have not been sure if again - it's the blood sugar, breathing/CO2 issues, or maybe some kind of neuropathy? I am recovering from a 9 month bed rest and the labor/birth from ****, so my body is a deconditioned mess.

I've read about small fiber neuropathy and autoimmune neuropathies, and am wondering if this may be the case. Any input? What kind of doc would I see about this? I was sent to the ER a few days ago because my S/D BP had a 90 point gap and I could barely talk, and my right side was doing the tingling weakness thing. I got IV fluids and felt a bit better. I'm nursing right now and I think my hormones may have shifted or the baby is drinking more, but less frequently, and (TMI ALERT) I got my period again for the first time last week after giving birth 3 months ago. I had been doing "well" and making progress, and then over the last 2 weeks I have been feeling terrible again. I'm not retaining fluids as much, I can feel it. I'm wondering if that may be causing this, something shifted and my hypovolemia increased?

My cardio is trying to get my into Vandi - not sure when that's going to happen. Also trying to get set up with a local Endocrine Doc to get an Autonomic workup, as I have never had one. I'm almost positive I have hyper-pots, probably low flow. My cardio EP said I could get the work up, but he may not know what to do with the results. At least he admits it :)

Anyways - anyone else get this sensation? I'm sick of new weird things happening, it kind of frightens me. Thanks!


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Well, my previously mentioned symptoms turned into my right cheek turning red and swelling up! And pain all in my ear, back of my ear, and the weak/tingling/stinging feeling. Almost like when blood flow returns after a bought of Raynauds. Weird! My doc wanted me to go to the ER when I called, said it could be a tooth or infection of some kind, but I took some Ibuprofen and its subsided a bit.

Sue - I haven't had any BMPs since being in the hospital, but maybe I will ask for one. They have always come back normal - my sodium gets a bit low, and actually while pregnant my calcium was on the low side of normal, so that may be a good start.

And I have been reading up on MCAD, I have almost all the symptoms. Not sure who to see about this, but i'll ask my primary, he's great (thank God).

Anyways, thanks for the input!

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