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Extreme Nausea And Vomiting After Eating


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Hey guys, just looking for some advice.

My symptoms have skyrocketed all of the sudden. Nausea being the worst. I'm still gluten free but lately almost everything is making me sick to my stomach. I seem to only be able to stomach one small snack at a time. For example I had a couple slices of cheese for this morning, then a few hours later I had a handful of carrots, 3 or 4 hours later I had a few tablespoons of peanut butter. That was fine, the problem comes when I eat almost anything else. Like, tonight I had a little serving of mashed potatoes, a few cooked carrots, and some plain green beans and I was vomiting an hour later. (Happy Thanksgiving, right?)

Has anyone had experience with nausea like this? It's been about 2 weeks and I'm not sure what to do...

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hi kate,

Sorry to hear you missed out on t day ...

Fwiw .. For years it was thought that the gf diet would normally allow the celiac section of digestive tract of a celiac to heal. But this appears to have been recently redefined by the fda to include other areas so using a biopsy of this section will not tell the whole story. I have a link if you want it.

But it's not always as easy as just removing gluten. I see this in my celiac support group.

There's more to it for many of us .. Nutritional deficiencies, gluten antibodies, candida, blood glucose problems, organ damage, etc are rarely addressed.

As far as how gluten affects other organs, the info found in theglutenfile explains this but I still

don't really understand it .. I get confused between actual organ damage, gluten antibodies and nutritional deficiency damage.

These foods would have made me sick too ... Cheese is usually loaded with fats and if you're

a celiac you probably don't have the digestive enzymes for dairy. These are produced by the villi that

are destroyed with gluten. Celiacs are always told to avoid dairy when first going gf.

The other foods would.ve raised your glucose levels and without any meat protein these are harder

for your body to stabilize. I noticed during my gtt + insulin test that I was horribly nauseas at one point and too sleepy to hold my eyes open later. Too much insulin or the change in glucose levels can cause this.

Is there any reason you're not eating meat ? Bland, cooked only till done meat should be easy to

digest. White turkey meat would be good. At any rate, the meat protein will be good for you.

I don't know why but when I first went gf my digestive tract felt like I had eaten glass. And my stomach

/ small intestine area hurt everytime I ate. I used helios dairy kefir and it seemed to help. I alo used

L glutamine and aloe but the kefir semed to work the best .. i remember this lasting about 6 months.

If you have an integrative or holistic doctor, they can probably help here too. I wasn.t seeing a good

doctor when I went thru this so I don.t know what they know ...

Hope you feel better .. D

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Gluten free aside, sounds like your GI tract is slowing down. You are describing pretty classic symptoms of gastroparesis. (Fwiw, the same thing happened to me on gluten-free, but I also had severe pain.)

Those with gastropareisis have to eat small frequent snacks, low fat, low fiber. My son has to use a GI prokenetic, a tiny dose of Ery-Ped (liquid erythromycin.)

Sorry, Kate. Hope things settle down for you.


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I agree with Mack's Mom. Sounds like your gut is slowing down. You may want to gut rest meaning to just drink yogurt smoothies. You can buy them pre-mixed in bottles in the dairy section or make your own with fresh or frozen fruits. Yoplait also has frozen packets that you can make up using skin milk. Carnation Instant Breakfast is another good source to drink. The key thing is to stay hydrated and to get some calories, you may have to do smoothies for awhile. When I was really sick and couldn't eat-meaning I would take a bite double over in pain along with being nauseated-I had to qut eating and went to liquids. I did this for about 2-3 weeks and than gradually added little bites of food in-between. I was also started on Domperidone. Reglan & Erythromycin didn't work for me. The Domperidone helped with nausea & motility. Little by little, I was able with the Domperidone to take in small bites of food. I can't eat all foods but did find foods to eat by process of elimination. I do alot of low fat/fat free foods along with low fiber. As the Dietician at Cleveland Clinic said, "You need to make this a full time job to find the right foods for you to eat." She was right and fortunately I have. I also found I can't cheat with food, because I pay dearly if I do. If you can't do dairy-I know coconut or soy milk products are good sources to substitute the skin milk. You may have to get creative. If you have a good health food store near by work with them. There are alot of on-line stores that have Gluten and wheat free foods. I will pray that things will settle down for you.

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Thanks for the advice, guys. Just to clear some details up I didn't actually test positive for celiac I just tried gluten free because my doctor said I may still be sensitive to gluten. Also, I know I'm sensitive to certain types of dairy, but not all cheeses bug me (I do tend to drink kifer dairy free stuff and dairy free milks like silk brands though because milks really bothers me). Also, I'm not a vegetarian, but at the moment the thought of meat is making me sick to my stomach...I'm not really sure why to be honest. This has started happening with other foods too (they literally make me grimace and feel queazy). It's such a weird thing to me, I normally am quite a little foody, but in the last few weeks nothing sounds remotely appealing to me. I can't even take smells at this point.

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It.s possible you have a bug or got some bad food too ... The last time I had food poisoning,

I threw up violently for several hours but then I couldn't stand the thought of food for about two weeks.

. I'm sure mild food poisoning could linger just making you nauseas.

I have to eat meat, veggies and some fruit regardless of how bad I feel because not eating just makes

me weak and messes up my glucose level .. You may not feel better immediately but you're giving

your body the nutrients it needs to heal. Just don't overeat .

Sorry about the gluten / celiac book I wrote earlier. I'm feeling better and was a wee bit over energized this am.

Lol .. Your doctor is smart to recommend that you go gf without having celiac disease. At my last celiac

meeting, several people were talking about how many times they tested negative before it became positive. I don't think I was a celiac until 2005, because bread was my go to food for indigestion

Up until then .. And yet I had gluten ataxia from 1990 till 2006.

Hope you feel better soon. D

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Kate, everyone's had great insight. i just wanted to throw a little caution out there regarding dairy. Sounds like you are already being cautious from past experience.. Docs at Hopkins have linked diary hypersensitivities very strongly with OI, especially when the patient is having any GI symptoms. My son's ANS doc at Hopkins insists that all of his patients be dairy-free.

For now, things like applesauce, bananas, white rice, lean chicken or turkey, well cooked soft veg, or baby food pure veg, and lots of vitamin water would provide nutrition and nurture your gluten-free, dairy-free, slow GI needs. When my son was at his sickest, we would take Rice Dream (soy milk is fine too) and frozen fruit, like strawberries, peaches or blueberries and blend up a smoothie.

If you have zofran or phenergan (for at night), that might help with the nausea. Hope this rough patch goes away quickly!


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I have episodes like this that last from 2-8 weeks at a time. I can't eat meat at all during those periods because I can't digest it and I can usually manage to eat a total of about 1 cup of food a day and it has to be bland. In addition to the nausea/vomitting, I also usually get abdominal pain and diarrhea at some point with it (but it usually starts with the nausea/vomiting). Hopefully not TMI...but mine is very acidic...like I feel like I have chemical burns for days in my throat and mouth after vomiting. The docs can't explain it. I have a Phenergan (promethazine) prescription that is written for an "as needed" frequency to stop the nausea and vomitting (this allows me to keep it on hand for these episodes.) It is the only thing that helps me. It does make me drowsy so I try to take the dose at night but, to be honest, I am usually so sick during these episodes that if I sleep during the day it doesn't really matter cause I wouldn't be able to do anything without the meds anyway. Also, since it sounds like you have some allergies/intolerances, taking promethazine might be a good option for you during a flare up like this because it is an antihistamine. Probably worth talking to the docs about it.

I hope you feel better really soon (I missed Turkey Day last year because of exactly this issue and it ******.) My thoughts are with you for a speedy solution to this particular problem.


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Hi, I have just had a Gatroscopy, 8 biopsies taken and the dr who did it agreed with me that gasteopareis is likely. There was a good deal of food still in my stomach.

I think I have had gasteopareis in the past and it's passed after a while. I have a follow up with my dr next week so will look at meds then if I have to.

In the mean time I think I have read to avoid nuts and seeds, is that true? I think I have read meat is ok, avoid dairy and gluten.

I am gluten and dairy free anyway so that's fine. Will work on getting a good pro biotic when I see a dietician.

Have also read it plays havoc with sugar levels, is that the case with all patients who have it or just diabetics? May explain why I am so sensitive to sugar.

The only thing that seems to help at the moment is going for a walk as soon as I start to feel stomach pain. Problem is I am losing so much weight all ready and doing a couple of hours walking a day is killing even more calories. Not sure how to balance this.


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Yeah, when mine at it's worst walking helps move the food better than anything BUT there is a problem with constant walking & no eating :blink: From what I understand, a gastroparesis diet is low fat, low fiber...guess that eliminates seeds and nuts. No food group is off limits UNLESS you have problems with that food group i.e. dairy and gluten.

Sorry you're dealing with this- it's awful. Meds can make a great difference. Mine waxes and wanes- hope yours improves soon.

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I know how you feel. I was sick all thanksgiving too with horrible nausea.

Latley, I have just been barely eating anything and just drinking a lot.

One thing that seems to help is if I take a ginger capsule. Also chewing on a piece of peppermint gum.

Hope you start to feel better.

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