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Ouch, Leg Muscles Cramping?


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Try drinking tonic water....I have had cramping muscle cramping forever and when it is at it's worse I get bottle of tonic water and sip it

s l o w l y.

Having just been dxed with Mito and POTS also muscle cramping was a biggie on the Mito list. I'm going to drag my tired butt out of bed and go look at the bottles of Tonic water I have and see what they say on them..I'm back now, It's the QUININE tonic water. In the older days my doctor told me they used to sell just the Quinine, and now they don't. That I don't remember why. ( brain Fog )

Best of Luck ~

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Another thought: are you a fainter or had trauma to the area???? Could you have or had achilles heel tendonitis and be bring it back up from a recent fall???? Also, are you on a statin drug or a antibotic in the Cipro/ levaquin family???? They can also in some people cause levaquin tendonitis. Good Luck~ With me it looked like I ran a marathon when they did the blood work from a statin drug and it started again from levaquin.

I would go to you PC for starters, as PAIN = telling you that something is wrong in your body. When in doubt, check it out.

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