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Are These Adrenalin Surges, Or Something Else?


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These have been going on for 6 years now. I'm going to try to describe it as best as possible. I'm trying to figure out if these are those adrenalin surges that some of you have or if it is something else.

Here goes...

The feeling comes on suddenly, like a wave that comes across my body and gives the "oh god something is about to happen" feeling. That feeling only lasts a few seconds, and then I get a wave a nausea followed straight up with a strange sort of hot feeling that starts in my core and runs up my body and thru my head. It also messes with my vision as well but just slightly, almost like a slight gray out. From beginning to end it only lasts about one minutes, but they tend to happen a few in a row before it stops. They have even woken me up out of sleep,

Truthfully they scare the crap out of me everytime they happen. And being scared stirs up my anxiety.

Do these sound like adrenalin surges, or something completely different?

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If you added excessive sweating this, you'd have what I called a hot flash. You described it

perfectly. I'm not sure what hormones are involved and if these can happen at any age. I do

remember getting similiar feelings throughout my life right before my periods and the first day.

I'm post menopausal now, so I haven't had these in a while. Thankfully. I was having those all day

Everyday for a few years ....

Have you had your hormones checked ? Or seen a gyno ?

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Do you sweat normally ? I couldn't for years so I'm not sure how important this is.

I don't remember the vision problems but everything else you said describes it exactly. The wave

was obvious, as was the feeling of doom and the hot feeling throughout my body. And the length

of time involved. I'm assuming that's why it's called a flash ..

I have vision problems from hypoglycemia and getting older so I'm not sure I would've noticed.

This sounds like it goes away too quickly to be an allergic reaction. And normally people feel shakey and

crave food from hypoglycemia. These last longer too tho.

Maybe there are others reasons for this but hot flashes came to my mind immediately.

Tc .. D

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No I don't normally sweat, even when it's 90 degrees. I'm not sure they would be hot flashes, because I've talked to other women about them, and they don't seem to have the nauseous wave or the graying out vision. They just describe it as an overall warm feeling that comes over them.

They scare me everytime they happen, you would think I would get used to it happening, but they still get me everytime.

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I started sweating normally after going on the paleo and low oxalate diet but I don't know if this

is why. There is probably some diet guru on the web who knows tho. Or not ..

I see that you take protonix and wanted to mention that it made me and my sister feel jittery. It's funny

cause I told my doc and she acted like I was nuts.

I never got used to the hot flashes either despite gaving 10 - 20 a day. Oh. I just remembered. Hormonal

hot flashes come in waves based on hormone fluctuations too. I'd go for days or weeks without any and then I'd start

having them every 15 - 30 minutes for days .. Do you do this ? It was obvious too ..

It felt like there was an adrenal connection but I was just told it was normal for hot flashes ...

Good luck with this ... D

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I'm with Dizzy on this one: PERFECT description of a hot flash. They are not for the faint of heart. Male doctors tend to dismiss them, if they could experience just ONE, I am convinced we would have a new national initiative to find a cure ;) It's a female thing, so it's largely unresearched by the medical profession. Grrrrr.

When they first started happening to me, I had the distinct feeling that something DRAMATIC was happening. I waited to see if I was going to faint, vomit, experience anaphylaxis or hypoglycemia. When none of those things occurred and I started feeling the burning hot feeling, I was relieved. You may be experiencing them slightly differently as you don't sweat. I think my first occurred in my late 30's.

I DID think of an allergic reaction. You also described anaphylaxis pretty well, except for me, that was always accompanied by out-of-control tachy. Sometimes I can resolve it with antihistamines. A few times, I had to use an epi-pen.

SORRY this is happening to you :(

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I get those too and I call them adrenaline surges, however, some are different. Some days I just feel like Im burning up and other days I get the actual ones that feel like my head will explode from the surge. I dont think I am having hot flashes, unless they can start in your early 20's :)

Oy, i remember that exploding head feeling too. Lol .. And here I was beginning to forget this

nightmare ..

I was thinking since hot flashes are just hormone surges, they can happen at any age. You may want

to look at your diet for dairy and soy too. Both are known to influence hormones .. They say this

us why young girls are having their cycles at younger ages now.

My gyn and gp ordered hormone tests for me over the years .. Medicare paid for these.. Tc .. D

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weird thing is when I was a smoker I NEVER got them... can nicotiene influence hormones?? I felt so much bettet as a smoker...:/

Good question .. But I don't know the answer. I'd have to google nicotene hormones ...

Funny thing I discovered after coming off caffeine, I only thought it helped me. Sure I was

super woman for about 15 minutes but that was it. I still had dysautonomia. I was just able to ignore it

until I crashed as long as I had caffeine in me all the time ... I miss the dopamine .. Lol ..

I posted a few ideas on your adrenaline surge thread. I used to do that too and hated it.

Tc ..d

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