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Are Compression Stocking Suppose To Help With Pulse?


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I have the same script for my compressions. They are supposed to help prevent so much blood pooling in your legs. I don't see any difference in my pulse but there are days when they do really help enable me to be more mobile...like if I feel well enough to walk the dog, I put them on and it seems my body doesn't have to work quite as hard to pump the blood out of my legs. I can tell a difference between wearing them vs. not wearing them while doing the same activity. I also thought I noticed that my legs were skinnier after wearing them. If you asked me if I was retaining fluid in my legs, I would have said no, but there is a difference in the size of my legs after I've had them on. You can even measure it with a tape measure to see if it is doing its job. Measure before and after wearing. My measurements changed most noticeably around my mid-calf and my ankle. I really had just thought my legs were getting fatter like the rest of me! But, it was fluid build up.

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