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Macrobid Antibiotic & Pots - Anyone Use It? Peripheral Neuropathy Warning.


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I unfortunately have a UTI. I didn't notice at first...but it's worsened and uncomfortable now and I need to take an antibiotic so they gave me Macrobid this afternoon as Cipro gave me a rash once.

I had the Pharmacist run my meds and nothing conflicts, but it does have a warning it can cause/worsen Peripheral Neuropathy. I don't really have tingling (well, sometimes I wake up with tingles) but nothing constant with POTS so they think it should be OK and let them know if something worsens.

I have to treat the UTI before it gets worse...but I hate taking new meds. It's every 12 hours so I think I'll start it at 8am instead of 8pm tonight in case I have an issue/reaction (no one is easily contacted in the middle of the night compared to the day!). I don't think 12 hours will make or break me at this point.

Am I being overly cautious? I know the Dr. won't know if I start it today or tomorrow if nothing happens, but this makes me so nervous to take at night I'd feel much better doing it in the AM.

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Since I'm in pain from the UTI, I took the antibiotic. I seem OK.

I'm embarrassed because I think I had a mild panic attack (anxiety, shortness of breath, anxious, etc.) but was OK after just relaxing for 20 minutes. I feel like I am the only person in the world who gets so anxious about medication. :(

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