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Saw my orthopedist for followup-disappointing

Jersey Girl

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:) I have been having severe myalgias and neuralgias of my neck, shoulders, back and hips and couldn't lift my right arm so I went to see an orthopedist who diagnosed a calcification on my right rotator cuff after x-ray and MRI back in May. (Many of these symptoms subside in the morning after 10 hours sleep). Normally he would do arthoscopic surgery to remove it but because of POTS he was reluctant. He gave me an injection of steroid this past summer which not only helped my shoulder pain but generally made me feel a little better for about 6 weeks. I returned in September and had a second injection but it didn't do much except screw up my menstrual cycle and I ended up witha D & C. My left hip also became very painful in the Fall so the doc ordered an MRI of my lower spine which showed some old compression fracture from an automobile accident. He offered me nothing so I went to a massge therapist who was able to correct some pelvic tilt and some acute pain subsided after 6 sessions. I went back to him for followup yesterday with the massage therapists report and the handout from John Hopkins pediatric chronic fatigue center on the value of physical therapy and myofascial release to correct postural asymetries and to relieve neural tensions and see if he knew anyone locally who would do this type of therapy. He was reluctant to order physical therapy but eventually said he would in order that I should learn the techniques to relieve the pain, because I have a chronic problem and the insurance won't cover it. We also discussed whether or not I should see a chronic pain specialist for relief. He said if he had chronic pain he would go on methadone! I also have developed ganglionic cysts on both wrists because of the yoga I have been doing the last few months.

But that's not what gets me angry and upset. He started in initially with, "How are you?" I told him I felt the same. "Why are you here"(He had told me to schedule the follow up visit)."Why was I feeling worse that I had to go on the Neurontin and my pain had increased?" ( I told him probably the change in the weather, forgetting that I was the same before the injections of steroids). "Well, maybe I should go to a warmer climate for January and February", like I can with a school age child and a husband who works locally. "Was it the hot or cold or barometric pressure that affected me?" I said all of the above. He tried to twist whatever I said, so I accused him of playing word games, and he got mad, and said I should reschedule my visit, and I got up to leave, but my husband is the pillar of calmness so the visit proceeded to the point above. I was quite upset and I wasn't asked to schedule a followup visit this time, like I would go back. Martha

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Martha, every day it seems someone writes a post about another horrendous doctor encounter. I firmly believe that when many doctors have run out of ways to help people like us, with less common conditions, they turn the tables on the patient. I can honestly say I have not had any experience like you and I don't know how I would react --at that moment-- if I did. Why is it so hard for a medical person to say "I don't know how to help you". It is not what anyone wants to hear but at least it is more honest that what yours said to you. I am glad you stood up for yourself.

I am so sorry you had to go through this. I hope the PT may give you some relief.

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I had a calcific tendonitis and waited so long to get it fixed, they couldn't. I did fine with the surgery, although it is very painful, but it's laproscopic. When you have done the shots and they stop helping, you should get it fixed. It starts out like a toothpaste consistency, but as time goes on, it becomes very hard and not able to remove. I did get enough relief that I'm glad I had the surgery, but I am sorry I waited so long to get it. (20 years) You should find another orthepedist. Mine said usually a six month healing process, unless you are like me, then give it a year, and be faithful with the exercises they give you! Please don't let this go like I did. morgan

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Guest tearose

Was this doc having an off day? Have you overall been happy with his treatment Martha?

Sometimes even a good doctor will have a very bad day...I wonder if you could call him and straighten things out? I'm sorry you continue to have problems and need to do pt constantly too. It is a full time job maintaining ourselves sometimes and I think we have to remind our doctors just what we do to get through a day!

If it helps knowing; even my talented, dedicated, professional internist/pcp (and on rare occasion he can be warm) who has cared for me since 1997, forgets all my little unique health challenges and I occasionally need to remind him!!!

hope it was just a bad day and not that you need a new doctor!

best wishes, tearose

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