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At the ER my potassium was 3.1. They want me to have 20meq twice a day for a week then recheck. I have had low potassium on many trips to the ER. I eat a lot of food with potassium every day too.

What confuses me is the list of "if you get this come in" symptoms, as I have all of them already.

Anyone with tips on when to know if it gets lower? and how you treated your issues?

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Hi Shoegal, I know my potassium is getting low when my breathing gets worse and there is no other logical trigger for its worsening (ie, heat, humidity, over-exertion, illness, etc). This breathing crisis is often accompanied by a feeling of indescribable weakness, exhaustion and brachycardia or tachycardia.

I'd be interested to see if 20meq twice daily is enough for you. Are you taking Florinef? My potassium got as low as yours and 20meq twice daily was not enough for me. I am now taking 6 Chlorvescent tablets daily (which I think is 84meq potassium daily) and now getting K+ serum readings of around 4. It took a while for my blood serum levels to rise to that level though (around 2 weeks).

What were your symptoms that made you need to go to ER? What list of symptoms do they say you need to have to come into ER?

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I struggle with low potassium also. I currently take 40meq of the blue slow release capsules of potassium and it does well for me. (2 in AM and 2 in PM)

I also have low magnesium which pulls down the potassium and sodium. I just found out this June I am losing 4x the amount of magnesium through my kidneys that I should, so I supplement magnesium and sodium, too.

Hope you feel better soon!

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I went with pelvic pain, increased PVC's and just feeling yuck.

I've had low potassium 50% or more of the time I've been to the ER with cardio stuff. My old PCP did a few levels and they were OK.

They want me to come back if I have weakness, tachy, numbness, palps.

I have this stuff all the time and had it before I went there!

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