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Hey guys,

I am really starting to wonder if I am getting better with decreased anxiety levels since you know what is going on. Your heart rate would be lower.

I still notice anxiety every once in a while with my hr going a little nuts but I calm it down dunking your head in cold water works very well it triggers a reaction to the body to keep you alive in hypothermia stages your body is forced to bring the blood to your organs including your head. Your heart rate lowers. when I'm still having problems I just take valium but that's something I don't like.

Don't really have money to see doctors anymore but I will say this is what happens and my theories. currently when I wake up in the morning my hr is low and my hands are pale. My coloring is just off. My heart rate when I get up is about 74. After I eat even light meal my color comes back instantly but my hr is about mid 90's when I stand up it goes to 110-130 depending on the day. My blood pressure doesnt really fluctuate that much anymore from sitting to standing just my hr. But laying down to standing and or sitting there is a difference hr and bp. This could just be less anxiety about it all now. I still don't know if I have pulmonary hypertension I had a positive pulmonary hypertension test through an echo but since then my doctor who administered the test told me i didn't have it those tests are off. I had another doctor in the same practice told me I don't have it and my current doctor who I haven't seen in a year said I don't have it. it showed mild form tho.

I just don't know if I am getting actually better or if my body has just gotten use to it so it doesn't bother me from day to day all of the time like it used to. Now it's rarely like now.

I was diagnosed 4 years ago when the symptoms flared up majorly I had it 5 years ago for sure. Do people who make recoveries recover within 5 years? 17-21 were all the years I've had it I am still 21.

I read here about the long term affects of POTS even tho POTS is a give me for me because I was diagnosed with pan-dysautonomia. So IDK anymore. I keep reading from people on here from POTS (Heart failure, Pulmonary Hypertension, dangerous arrythmias, and multiple other conditions.)

Any suggestions I am tapped out of funds and does it seem like I'm improving or am I just used to it now. take the pain tolerance example you keep getting hit in the shoulder every day by someone eventually you won't even feel anything because you are used to it.


- John

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Hi John

That is great that you are noticing improvement. Most people with POTS do improve, although it can be slow. Young people are highly likely to improve.

Long term effect of POTS has not really been studied. Heart failure, Pulmonary Hypertension, dangerous arrythmias, and multiple other conditions, are not automatically anticipated for someone with POTS.

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What everyone has said is true, John. If you are noticing improvement then very possibly it is getting better for you. It doesn't sound as if you are severe right now. There is a lot you can do without medical help. Eat well, exercise! Stay as active as possible and stay off the boards if what you read worries you. As it has been said, many, many people and most who are in their teens do improve to where they are off living happy productive lives. Many with adult onset do not do so well and are here getting support from each other. Their health conditions do not have so much to do with you. Set goals, count on getting better each month as time goes on. Have faith. Do you have a support system? Things will get better!

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