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Shivering And Hyper Pots


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6 months before my POTS hit full-force, I spent my whole summer with goosebumps, and it was 95F, so definitely not from being cold!! A little embarrassing to add, but at the same time my nipples were "erect" also, like I was cold, and obviously I was not. I had to go buy a thicker bra to hide it, as it was really embarrassing out in public. I ended up doing a couple of home pregnancy stuff due to that, as I had only had that happen when pregnant. Of course, I was not pregnant. I kind of just blew it off, as it didn't really affect me except it was odd. Then, 6 months later, BAM! POTS hit. I then went through what I call head goosebumps off/on for about a year.

Looking back, I think my body was that whole time was producing whatever our natural "midodrine" is. It must have been doing something to keep my blood pressure up, like midodrine does. After a while, it quit.

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