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HOme from surgery


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Thank you for all the prayers and thoughts on the back surgery I just had.

I want to take a quick side track here to make a remark for the person who posted information for surgery- What I did was made copies of the articles here about POTS (especially the symptoms of POTS) and I looked up and made copies of any information about POTS and surgery and gave them to my doctor and the anestiologist. I also brought a copy with me to show the nurses.

But my surgery went well- my recover went well too because my doctor looked up information about POTS and the medications that I could best handle- it was a short list. HE made sure I did have an arteral line, they pumped me up with lots of fuild and had me kept me over night in the icu to watch me and my vitals. SO, my surgery went well.

My recover was not as fast as the last surgery I had. I had more pain. For longer time. Since the doctor only let me tried a few because he said the others would not do well with the POTS. I was basically left with some tyoe of morphine shots when i was in bad pain. HE would not let me out till i could handle the pain with other pain killers - but i could do it for awhile then i would need a shot again. He did find a great anti-nauseau medication that took care of that everytime I felt nauseus from whatever. But the biggest problem was that i needed to take sleeping pills and pain killers -more then my body is used to because i know at home i can handle so much no matter the pain or my problem sleeping.

The nurses had problem understanding the situation with POTS and why i kept taking my pulse. They started out nice but i felt as time went on that they thought i was crazy. Only a few took the time to understand and read about that POTS is not really about the pulse but more about what the pulse tells you about what is happening in your body -when your pulse is higher. and that it does not matter how high you go but it is what is normal for you- that is important.

Since i was in the hospital i took the pain killers and the sleeping pills, but they me tired and emotional. To the point that after getting somewhat of an attitude from a nurse- i felt she was talking down to me- i know medication came into play but i have had that kind of attitude so much in the past from nurses and doctors -that i could not take it. i packed myself and left - very emotional. i came home and it took me all daytill i did not feel so drugged out. I did talk to the doctor- and his concern was that my pain was not managed yet. But he told me i could come back.

my recommendation is not only propare yourself for the surgery but for the recover part to.

What i need to ask is- do people with POTS have bigger problems with sleeping pills and pain killers (besides the basic). I did have a big problem with consitpation in the hospitals too.


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Glad you made it through surgery OK ... hang in there; recovery will come--slow but sure. One day at a time, yes?

I take ambien as a sleep aid now at night -- but even the teeniest dose seems to be enough for me. I cut up a 10 mg pill and probably ingest somewhere in the neighborhood of 2.5 mg--maybe 5 some nights. But it's fine and I have no side effects.

As for your guts shutting down in the hospital, that's not surprising if you were in a lot of pain. (I just went through a very painful neck/shoulder episode and the ol' guts stopped working altogether for more than 5 days ... my physical therapist said that this is completely normal/expected response where pain is involved. This was confirmed 3 days ago by my cardiologist.)

Hope you feel better soon.


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Constipation is a normal postsurgical problem with the general population, mostly from meds that slow down your system and relax the muscles that typically move your guts along. Also, physical activity helps move your bowels along too--and that's pretty limited when recovering. I take Miralax (generic is called glycolax) and stool softeners (colace) which really help LOTS.

Ambien is the only sleeping medication that doesn't mess with my ANS symptoms the following day--as long as I follow the rules and get at least 8 hours of sleep.

I've had 2 spinal surgeries and various other surgeries (sinus, gallbladder, exploratory, etc.). Take it easy, listen to your body's symptoms and only do what you can do comfortably. It will take you some time to feel back to your normal, so be patient! :P Nina

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Hi Kathleen,

I am really glad that you pulled through your surgery. I admire you for the way you managed your medical file and doing all the research for the docs ahead of time. That was very helpful for them.

I am sorry that the nurse had a bad attitude with you. Some people are just plain ignorant. I wonder why they are in the medical field if they can't even understand what it is to be sick.

Hope you are recovering well.


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Guest tearose

Hooray you are home Kathleen!

We've been wondering how you did on this second surgery!

Glad to hear you are on the mend!

Sorry the nasty nurses we on duty during your time in the hospital. Some of them are in the wrong profession!

As others have said guts do slow down a lot and recovery always seems slower than we wish. Just know that healing well is more important than healing fast.

Speedy recovery and warm fuzzies, tearose

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