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Another Allergy Med Question...

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I like this one ...


fwiw tho several people I know say that their allergy symptoms including sneezing are reduced or eliminated by elminating gluten, dairy or soy. BUT .. When I was going through peri menopause, I noticed once that when I ovulated out of the blue, my allergies flared horribly ..

hth .. d

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My problem is severe swelling of my sinuses and ears. I am super allergic to grass and my sinuses are so swollen that it affects my vision and causes fluid in my ears so im always dizzy with vertigo :(. I dont really have drainage because it is stuck in the swelling.

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Have you tried using a neti pot with warm salt water ? Xylitol can be added too for treating any sort of infection. Just be sure to drain your sinuses completely after using the neti pot. Otherwise you're creating a new set of problems .. :huh: Dr. Oz did a segment on this and it's probably available at his website if you're not familiar with how to use it.

Or you could try gargling with warm salt water 2 - 3 times a day ..

there are nasal / sinus sprays on the market but I can't remember any of them right now.

The Nasalcrom might still help you after you get the swelling down. I like that it's non drowsy.

I used to have allergies 24/7 but something I took out of my diet stopped all that. I had a skin prick test and tested positive for almost everything on the list ... Now I mostly react if I'm stuck dealing some old papers, esp old pictures. Now just taking a shower takes care of it though ... kow ... tc ... d

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I use nasal wash almost everyday especially if I've been exposed to a known allergen. I use a bottle instead of neti pot but same principle. I use salt, pinch baking soda & 1 drop oregano oil. It works very well & I have horrible allergies & nasal congestion.

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