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Shoulder Surgery


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I haven't had shoulder surgery, but I have had several other ones and I have never noticed a big change in my symptoms, except maybe the anesthesia lowered my heart rate for a day or so until it wore off, plus all the extra fluids they give you I think helped.

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I haven't had shoulder surgery but I have had a surgery since my diagnoses the anesthesia was hard it lowered my heart rate and blood pressure, but it wasn't all that bad. However I do have shoulder and back issues I am currently in PT. I have been in PT before and it has gone well. I have a sports medicine doctor that is big on trying to fix things without surgery. I think that giving PT a chance could be a good idea but if your doctor is recommending surgery I wouldn't worry about the anesthesia just make sure you tell the surgeon long enough in advance that he knows how to handle the way your body might react.

Hope all goes well!


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