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Kinda Embarassed To Ask This. Pots And Sex??


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Well for the first time last night I passed out during sex. While having sex I felt my heart rate speed up,I felt pressure in my head and then I passed out. When I woke up I got up and checked my bp and it was low and my hr was high. Has anyone ever had this happen to them or is it just me?

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I have almost gotten to that point in certain positions. I have since found a few ways to combat it going that far. First, I take an extra dose of midodrine beforehand if I am having sex later in the evening. My last dose of midodrine is at 7pm so this usually means that I take it again at 9pm. This doesn't prevent sleep in the slightest. Second, I salt load during the day or drink an extra bottle of gatorade if I anticipate sexual activity (or exercise of any kind for that matter). The extra salt/electrolytes seems to decrease the dizzy spells. Lastly, when beginning to feel even the slightest bit dizzy I change positions or ask my partner to slow down. Even if it is just me blurting out "dizzy!" I make sure that he has a cue to know something has to change in order to help me. Sometimes, this means that there is a cool rag next to the bed in case I (or he, of course) get too hot because this can help me too.


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I'm with the group that has been too ill to even have sex. BUT, thanks for posting this Tee! It's not an easy subject to talk about and I have wondered what the consequences would be if I ever get back to feeling well enough to find a boyfriend. (I can't even imagine having the energy to find the guy right now let alone getting to the sex part. :P )

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You're not alone, Tee.

One of the first times that I ever passed out was during sex. That was 2 years ago.

These days, it's almost a regular occurrence.

to be a little blunt, I've found that missionary is the best way to avoid it. Anything else basically guarantees a faint for me.

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