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Finding The Bright Side Of Pots

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I'm just beginning my journey, or at least its the beginning of knowing what I have. I've been sick off and on for years. Anywho, I too and grateful for the salt. I love salt and craved it my whole life but have been told how bad it was so I went easy on it.

I also think that the diagnosis has helped my relationship. Not that things were bad or anything but husband would get very frustrated with me when I didn't feel up to doing things or was complaining about not feeling good. Now he gets it and he may still get aggravated but its temporary and he deals with it so much better.

Funny thing, I took my mom with me for my first appointment with Dr. Thompson because my husband couldn't take the time off work. He did a lot of independent research and that is when he realized how sick I was and started changing. But, when he went to the appointment with me yesterday, he looked like I did after I left the first time. He was smiling, he even paid the bill and was happy about it. My husband cringes at spending money but he said he would pay anything to see me with a competent doctor. It was like the weight wasn't just lifted off my shoulders, but his too.

Sorry, I kind of went off in another direction there. :D

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Thankful to God for his faithfulness despite this illness. My walk with Him is closer than ever before...

Thankful for my husband and my children, who are wonderful to me...

Thankful for my friends who truly care...especially all of you :)

Thankful for my doctor's who listen and believe me, and affirmed me!!

Thankful for my medical knowledge which has helped me and others

Thankful for my life, and because I've slowed down a bit (with treatment), I'm able to appreciate the moments and finally get some rest!!

Thank you for this post!!

Love, Love, Love everyone of you :wub: Kim

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Great idea for a thread! I always say I lost a lot when I got POTS but what I have gained is more valuable.

- I am more compasionate

- I don't take the small things for granted. I didn't think I used to do this, but now being able to take a shower is something I will never take for granted. Before I got sick it was something I never thought about at all.

- I have found out how important my family is, and who in my life will always be there for me.

- I have become oddly more relaxed. I think once a stranger has given you a shower, you can put lifes small embarassments in perspective.

- I have used this opportunity to learn new things and develop new hobbies. I was very athletic and outdoorsy. I had to learn new hobbies I could actually do, like playing the guitar, crocheting, basketweaving, and gardening.

- I have learned to slow down, you can still have a full and rewarding life at a slower pace.

- I have become more open toward people. I can no longer be shy about sharing how I am feeling or what I am going through. I used to be very private.

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