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Panicing Due To Work Schedule Chanage - So Pots Flare Galore!

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My work schedule was just tolerable because it had two 1-9 shifts so I could do Doctor Appointments and rest up those two mornings. You know how POTS likes to be worse in the AM.

Well, now I've been changed to a 9-5 M-F instead (which some people think is a 'good thing'...not so much for me! I wasn't excited!).

I've already fought a couple illnesses as of late and am going through fatigue/exhaustion from a bad virus right now. I don't have much time off so I really have to work around this (and it's tough) and try to limit my doctor visits (and if I am careful I can book a PCP before my morning start time if I book far enough in advance, but not my specialists).

So I do all I can...but sometimes it doesn't feel like enough. This was a 'shock'- I was NOT expecting this shift change and it's going to be very rough adjusting to. I'm also to the point of having anxiety which is adding to my POTS flare. I literally feel like I am going to burst out into tears (isn't that silly? but I do feel like that).

On top of that, we're short-staffed for a bit and that's extra work and extra stress. It's supposed to be temporary, but still it's adding to all this. What can I do?

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Oh no! I feel for you. I've recently taken on some part time work from home and even this I'm finding difficult. I can't imagine working 9-5 five days a week. Is there any way you can explain your health situation to your employer and see if the schedule can be adjusted? Are they aware of your situation at all? If there is no flexibility, I'd say you have no choice, but to give it a try. If you find it's making you sicker or you cannot perform the job, you might have to consider other options. This whole thing just stinks, doesn't it. <_<

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This is exactly how I was about work almost forever.

It was always how am I gonna pull this off and I think it exhausted me as much as actually just going in and doing the job.

Whenever I had work I would stress the evening before about getting up and that whole routine.

I think it's just a part of my personality.

I think you have to make decisions that are right for you.

I don't know that I could have handled a 9-5 job even before I supposedly got sick.

I don't think I've ever had good consistent energy levels to manage that.

I think energy levels kind of govern everything else.

Once your energy level drops out on you then you start getting into physical fatigue, weakness, illness, as backwards as it seems sleep disturbance, this then all can start to alter your mood and you get into depression, and for me it always affected my sex drive I would totally lose it.

So it affects your whole being and quality of life.

This is a very hard decision but I don't think the work schedule will get easier for you I think it will continue to drain you.

I think you may have to look for something that is more suitable for you.

I wish we were just normal and could do anything.

I gave up a great paying job cause I couldn't hack it and the reality is even when I was healthy I could hardly handle it.

Even my healthy coworkers admit to going home exhausted. Not doing anything else on work days but work,...just resting the rest of the day.

It really can depending on the demands of the job consume your life.

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