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Which Metoprolol?

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I am currently on Metoprolol ER Succinate, which is the extended release. The Dr. said even though it was an extended release, it wasn't lasting long enough which is why I was starting to have problems. So he put me on another tiny dose at night, which made my days better, but it had a bad effect on my heart at night. So the extra dose at night was taken away, and I am fainting again on a regular basis.

I know that Metoprolol comes in a tartrate form, which is short acting. I wonder if it would be better to take that several times a day, than the succinate once a day because it obviously isn't working for me so well. I will put in a call to the Dr's office.

Is anyone well versed in these two medications? Are there side effects that differ from one to the other?

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