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Has Anyone Taken Licorice Root Over Florinef With Good Results???


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Hey all!

I am not having very good luck with side effects from Florinef (bad stomach pain, blaoting, retention) some people have mentioned trying Licorice Root as it has some of the same effects but without the harsh side effects. Has anyone tried the Licorice Root and had good results with it???



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My son took it for a while. He tolerated it pretty well, I think, although it was during a time when he was quite sick and it was hard to know if the licorice was helping, hurting, or doing nothing. The problem was that we couldn't find anyone who could advise us about how much he should take. Also, a supplement from one company IS NOT equal to the same supplement from another company, so we were just guessing as to what would be the best dose for him.

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I have not taken licorice for POTS symptoms but did use it a few years ago as part of my treatment for GERD symptoms while being treated for tick borne illness as I was on heavy doses of antibiotics. My Lyme doc used a combination of traditional and alternative therapies for treatment and taking licorice tabs was one of the ways we controlled my GERD. That was well before my POTS diagnosis but I was starting my POTS symptoms at the time and I have to say that I often felt an "all around" sense of wellness that my doc and I couldn't really explain when I would take my licorice tabs. Maybe I was helping my undiagnosed POTS! I would say that if you have GERD, it wouldn't hurt to see if you can get some relief for that from the licorice. I do remember there being a warning on the bottle regarding taking licorice for people with heart conditions so you may want to look that up before takng it.

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hello all:

timely topic ... just started the licorice root yesterday.: 450 mg in capsule form.

too soon to tell... initially, we mistakenly purchased DGL licorice (this is used to treat GERD symptoms-not


we then learned that LICORICE ROOT is used to raise pressure... we found it at whole foods.

it is widely available online. our local naturopath also suggested a liquid form of the root--

feels that it is absorbed more readily & rapidly. will try both...

with healthful wishes,


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