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Just curious on the latest on this medication.. I know it still isn't available in the US and Canada but just wondering if anyone was able to get it anyway from their doctor? I know there are ways around those things. And for those in the UK and Australia.. Are you still finding it helpful?

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Yes, I find it helpful. The effect on my heart rate has remained predictable over the year or so I have taken it - half a pill equals a 20 point drop in resting heart rate; full pill equals a 40 point drop in heart rate (and even this is a relatively low dose, but enough for me). I haven't experienced any side effects. I also like the fact that it can be used on a flexible basis, so I can miss or cut doses, then restart and it doesn't matter. That is useful for me because I have other heart rate issues.

I have EDS and midodrine was great whilst I could get it to work without my heart rate going too low. The effect of ivabradine is less dramatic since it does not address blood pooling or blood pressure issues, but still worthwhile. I have more energy and more standing time.

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