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Compression Stocking Options

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Hi all,

Being POTsy but also vain, I am looking for "cooler" looking compression stockings. Not just more stylish but also literally cooler, since it gets up into 100 degrees a lot in July and August here. I was wondering if I could get away with compression leggings or capri leggings, or if they would have the opposite to the desired effect by forcing blood to STAY in my feet rather than encouraing the blood to happily leave my feet and go up toward my poor oxygen-starved head.

Compression stockings are my #1 determiner of "good day" or "bad day", so I really need to wear them every day, as SOON as I get up. And if the legging or capri option will work for me, more's the better.

Here's the awesomely stylish stocking site my super cool husband found for me:


Healthy days everyone!!


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I also live in the South & don't tolerate compression hose in the heat. In the summer time I switch to abdominal compression only. I wear high waisted girdles that are Firm or extra firm. I get mine from bare necessity.com.They're around $50.

It's still hot, but not as bad as the hose. I can definitely tell a difference when I take them off so I know they help the pooling.

Hope this helps. Try to stay cool!

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Those stockings look so fun! I wish they came in stronger compression though. I have to wear 30-40, and the highest I saw on RejuvaHealth was 25-32.

The coolest compression I have found is the 770 series from Sigvaris. They are very thin, but very strong. The material breathes much more easily than any of the other styles and brands I have tried. You can find the 770 series here: http://www.ameswalker.com/si770se.html I haven't tried the toeless one in the 770 series, so I don't know if it is as thin as the regular compression hose. Toeless stockings usually tend to be a little thicker.

If your blood pooling happens mainly in your abdomen then you might be able to get away with the compression capris. On the really hot days I do just wear abdominal compression sometimes. I know that I have a lot of blood pooling in my feet because they turn purple whenever I am not lying down, and when I stand up my ankles swell half an inch within 2 minutes. But most compression stockings are so uncomfortable in the heat that I go without them.

I did go out yesterday evening in the Sigvaris 770 series. It was 94 degrees and the 770 compression was still pretty comfortable. Of course, I didn't stay outside long. I went straight to our air conditioned van, and then I went straight into someone's air conditioned house.


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I wear the UltraSheer line by Jobst. They are $100 & up but my insurance covers them. The colors are actually nice for wearing with skirts (they look like normal stockings, not medical stockings). I have them in beige, suntan, chocolate brown, black, and dark grey. They also come in toeless which is nice since you can wear them with flip flops in the summer time (much cooler than socks & sneakers)

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