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Doctors Near Pa?

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I am seeing a cardiologist who treats many POTS patiets. (oh I should probably say I'm 16 so a pediatric doctor) like many doctors, he is good but his office is not.

He actually complained to my face about having so many patients, and how POTS patients need more than others. I find that unexceptable. He said this after we said something about him taking a week and a half to call back about a medication problem, when he finally called back, my appointment, that was scheduled a month before, was in a couple days. At the apt. He he kept asking if the changes we made a couple days prior were helping....HOW WOULD I KNOW, YOU DIDNT GIVE ME TIME! ..... oh sorry starting to rant haha

anyway ;) do you have any recomendations on who to see? I live in Pennsylvania by where pa, md, and de meet.

My main concern is, school starts in not too long and right now I feel like I still couldn't go back (left three months early and have been almost completely homebound for te past four months) so I need someone who wouldn't take months and months to see, but any suggestions are welcomed!

Thank you so much :) -- Brynne

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Brynne, Good for you to stand up for yourself! You will get better in time and I think the attitude you have will get you there! I understand you get down, everyone does, but you have to fight and pick yourself back up and do what ever it takes, including making changes to your medical team if that is what it takes.

Can you get to Reston? Dr. Abdallah has helped so many kids and has an understanding of this condition a lot of so-called "pots doctors" don't. Go see him, if only for 1 appt. and then decide. He was able to get my son back on his feet. He didn't get back to school but he was able to finish most of his classes which wasn't going to happen and this summer is out doing things with friends and looking forward to camp. He is 15. PM me if you want.

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