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What Are Your Worst Symptoms?


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1. Chest pain and pressure almost all the time - worse after standing.

2. Irregular heart rate which once it starts sets me off feeling ill.

3. Neck Pain.

4. Randon onset of feeling so ill i can't even speak and need to lie down.

5. Bloated stomach and digestive problems.

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1. dizzyness - can't get up quickly, can't squat or bend over, can't stand for too long...or will pass out. Flat-lined in 7 min on TTT

2. fatigue/lack of energy - usually feel best in morning, towards end of day I have to lie down on floor to get blood back in my head

3. tachycardia - from standing up quickly, also exercise-induced (HR around 200 with exercise, can't do any type of inclines or stairs)

4. blood pressure - going from hyper to hypo all day long. Diagnosed with hypertension, but have always had trouble keeping it level

5. chest/joint/stomach pain - from heart attack (left arm pain/weakness) symptoms and carotid tightness in my neck, to low back pain and gastro issues

It's been really hard to do the top 5...would like to list at least 10, if not 20. :blink::D:mellow:

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1. Syncope and near syncope - if I'm standing longer than 5-10 minutes, I'm going down.

2. Myoclonus - jerks in jaw, eyes, and arms mostly

3. as of recently, HR fluctuations - skyrocketing, then plummeting...kinda like ping pong

4. tied between headache and nausea. They seem to always accompany each other and never really go away

5. fatigue coupled with brain fog, they seem to go hand in hand.

Next week it will probably be different :rolleyes:

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