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What Are Your Worst Symptoms?


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Just curious to see what other people's POTS experience is like. Wondering if we all feel kinda the same yuckiness or if different things bother different people. Here are my top 5 in order, with the worst being #1.

1. Weird feeling in my head/feel off balance, drunk/cognitive problems

2. Eyes feel out of focus

3. Heart symptoms - tachycardia/sensation of heart beating hard

4. Fatigue/Exhaustion

5. Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

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1. Fatigue/ Exhaustion/ feels like I haven't slept at all even though I have

2. Tachycardia

3. Dry eyes; weird pulsing in eyes

4. Pain and heavy feeling in back of head and neck

5. Brain fog and feeling like things are never in focus


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Mine are as follows:

1. Chest Pain/Pressure, tachycardia

2. Shaking & Tremors

3. Dizziness/Loss of Balance & Fainting

4. Sleep Disturbance, either can't sleep or sleep forever

5. Recently Neck Pain has started

I used to have severe headaches all the time but the Beta Blockers have helped tremendously with that.

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I am pretty much like naomi...

1) Feeling drunk, unstable, lightheaded, dizzy

2) Very bad vision issues (my eyes never focus right, I feel like I am consantly straining them to see, pressure, and everything looks "off" at all times.

3) Fatigue

4) Nausea

5) Muscle weakness

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1. Dizziness/Lightheadedness/Vertigo; sometimes even moving my eyes starts an episode

2. Fatigue; no amount of sleep or rest alleviates it

3. Nausea; non stop even with meds have tried PPI's OTC meds nothing helps; non stop nausea started after surgery in Aug 2009

4. Extreme Heart Rate fluctuations; low to high without provocation - Bradycardia then it will go into Tachycardia even sitting

5. Extreme BP fluctuations; low to high and then will bottom out without warning or provocation

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Great Thread and interesting to see what everybody's Top 5 are. Wish we could take it to some clinic for ALL of us and say here...fix us please :rolleyes:

Thanks for posting this Topic...keep the responses coming.

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1. The severe exhaustion/weakness mixed with an indescribable 'sick as death' feeling 24/7.

2. Severe/crippling nausea 24/7 also, some vomiting.

3. The headaches.... 24/7 also.

4. Brian fog/cognitive dysfunction to the max sometimes. (memory loss up to weeks at a time W/lots of confusion.

5. Urination sometimes up to 30-40 times a day along with diarehea from 8 am till about 5 pm......

That really doesn't even 'touch' it..... :(


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My worst symptoms

1. Feeling constantly like I am coming down with the flu. I can't actually remember anymore what it feels like not to be sick.

2. Light headedness / vertigo so you can't even move your eyes without the room spinning.

3. fatigue / exhaustion. You've slept 12 hours and you are still tired.

4. cold hands, my finger nails turn blue and my hands throb with pain.

5. Only feeling ok if I am lying down flat. Bit difficult to live your life that way.

I have tonnes of other symptoms like pain but thats the EDS or being so short of breath you spend hours on an oxygen concentrator so you feel like you can breathe but thats probably undiagnosed maysthenia gravis.


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1. Exhaustion/Fatigue

2. Cognitive Impairment

3. Eye Disturbances

4. GI Issues

5. Depends on the Day: Weakness/Aches/Pains, Flushing/Itching, Dehydration, etc.

It's so hard to pick 5....It really depends on the day.

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1. shortness of breath - sometimes related to weather changes, heat, humidity, exercise

2. mild to severe chest compression &/or sensation of heaviness in back, spine, legs, etc.

3. heat and humidity intolerance

4. exercise intolerance

5. tachycardia and intolerance to emotional stressors

Prior to taking Florinef in March 2011 my worst symptom was light-headedness and pre syncope, but Florinef has really helped with that.

I also had severe chest compression 24/7 for the first 12 months but this started to ease up in the second half of last year.

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