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Recommending Abdominal Binders

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My neurologist recommended an abdominal binder to prevent pooling of blood after eating. I bought one and found it lessened the achey and queasy feeling that i get after even a small meal. Fairly comfortable to wear. Cost $35 at medical supply store. Probably cheaper at amazon.com.

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I bought mine on amazon for under $15. I have not had it help me with my HR. I did not like the way it felt. I also have had little luck with compression socks or full stockings.

Along the same concept, I went to a friends wedding when I was less symptomatic. I had not seen these college friends in years so I wanted to look good. I bought everything that could suck me and firm me up. I bought, I'm not sure what it is called but it went on like a very tight strapless bathsuit and tightened in the back like a corset. I also wore some expensive pantyhose that were control top and thigh. I was able to make it through the wedding, reception and cruise, a 12 hour day. This was 20 months ago but it was the longest day I was able to stay out in a few years. I was also able to eat (how could I pass up jumbo shrimp and cheesecake) and felt okay.

Of course I snagged the pantyhose that night and never bought another pair. I have found the stomach slimming garment to be just more comfortable to wear then the binder. Maybe it is just me but being one piece, almost like a second skin was and not feeling it when I sat down worked better for me. I wear it rarely though because I hate feeling hot(I guess I have to choose my battles between feeling hot and blood pooling) and I live in the middle of the desert so it is always hot. If I lived in a colder climate I think I would wear it more often.

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