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Blurry In One Eye


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Its kind of difficult to type this but here it goes...I woke up today and after 10 minutes my left eye went blurry and feels sort of dry.It has happened in the past but only would last 15-25 minutes this has been going on for hours now (2) It really scared me I called a local eye doc to see if this was a emergency and the nurse said it could just be a migraine and if it doesn't go away they will get me right in on Monday.

I do get migraines with aura (lights and magnificent effects)lol but this is really terrifying to me, has anyone had this and how long did it last?

My vision is very good on a regular basis.

Any thoughts?


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sound like a migraine to me. Migraine symptoms can change and sound like yours did. I would say if you are very worried go to the ER. Better safe then sorry. I get the same thing followed by really bad pain. the eye thing can last from 1 hour to 6 hours.

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