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Starting To Gain : )


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I'm not sure if this is part of my POTS it seems to be but I think everybody knows by now I've had an issue with horrible weakness, periods of where I feel as if I'm on the verge of collapse ( like I was gonna die instantly ) since all of this started for me.

My starting weight was about 103 and I never weighed a lot unless pregnant. Then I'd get up to about 130 and I swear it was the change of metabolism that allowed me to gain.

The dietician I just saw thought I was probably in sympathetic overdrive and wanted to give me minerals to slow my system down.

I am afraid of everything so I declined but set my mind out to slow down.

I've tried very hard not to dwell on my life's problems or stress both health marriage future etc and just accept that I do not know what that will be to try to calm my system down.

I have also since being at my moms started to entertain the notion that this could be exhaustion I'm dealing with both severe psychological and physical along with possible POTS weighing in and all the regular issues that the rest of you deal with being a factor and being the source of what I'm feeling.

The good news I just got on the scale and I've gained 2 pounds since Tuesday!

Wow! Two pounds! I'm up to 87.5 and that is just amazing to me.

The dietician said with where I was at 1/2 pound per week was what was attainable.

I was so scared to even get on the scale-to see it low or drop just gets me emotionally devastated and traumatized.

I want to thank everyone for the support you all have given me.

Praise God I am just elated and have a little hope.

With the whole foods I am eating if I can continue gaining I hope to build a strong body.

I still don't know what to think of my future.

I'm trying to learn to embrace the moment and as many of you know that is very difficult when at the moment things aren't looking good.

I think for me my goal needs to be to stay out of hyperdrive whatever that takes.

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P.S. I've found a cookie baking mix I seem to be able to tolerate. It's Dr. Oetkner for anyone else with weight loss issues. I don't believe it is gluten free, corn is the allergen I have to try to avoid. This baking mix has organic wheat flour, organic oats, organic evaporated cane sugar and I think baking soda-that's it. I only have two cookies left but have eaten the rest of the 2 dozen it made. I have four more boxes in the way and I think I can probably eat 2+ cookies per day. I have also been eating lamb chops which are very high in vitamin B 12 and iron and just received a shipment of venison I want to try. The other meats I am entertaining are rabbit and some type of preservative free fish. I react strongly to chicken even though I tested negative to allergy, I think their diet has a lot of corn in it and it must somehow pass through in the meat.

I am opting for grass fed meats wherever possible.

The carbs are making the difference for me I think.

The diet of just meat and fruit was keeping me in a catabolic state I think. : (.

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I remember when I finally started to gain last year; I almost couldn't believe my eyes. I was giddy like a little kid running through a sprinkler. I am so happy for you and hope you continue to improve! Don't be surprised if things go up and down for a short while, that happened to me but in the end I gained.

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