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Homeopathy For Dysautonomia?

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I have been taking oral drops for food allergies for 1 1/2 years now. Eleven foods. They work well and are the only reason I can eat a balanced diet. I do have a threshhold and if I eat too much of any one allergen, I do get a reaction. But that's only if I overdo it. I love the drops.

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I have had really good results from homeopathy that cannot be put down to coincidence or fluke. The first time I took homeopathy was post surgery years ago and I went from feeling extremely nauseated from a general anaesthetic to no nausea at all the second the remedy hit my tongue. Homeopaths sometimes prescribe homeopathic Arnica post operatively which in its pure form is a poison but in a homeopathic form it is extremely effective post operatively.

I have also used homeopathy for my POTS at at time I didn't know I had POTS (as no one could diagnose me).

My homeopath prescribed several remedies before we got to the right one. We went through Sulphur, Lycopodium, etc, before finding Phosphorous. Posphorous significantly reduced the horrible chest compression I had and also reduced the tachycardia (both resting and exercising), but only temporarily.

Unfortunately my homeopath wouldn't permit me to continue taking the Phosophorous remedy as he works from the principle that if it doesn't cure the symptoms permanently then I needed to go onto a constitutional remedy.

The constitutional remedy he prescribed was Tuberculinum (related to Tuberculosis). This made my chest feel heavier and more compressed, and took me off it and sent me to get sacro-cranial work done by a Osteopath as he believes I have some structural/muscular issues in my thoracic region which need to be corrected before the Tuberculinum works. I'm not sure he's onto the right remedy but I am willing to re-try Tuberculinum again once the thoracic issues are sorted out.

The bad thing about homeopathy (like any medicine) is that it can make you feel worse if you get the wrong remedy, but the good thing is that there is always a antidote. For example, to counteract the effects of Sulphur you take caffiene.

I am currently taking a homeopathic remedy that supports my nervous system and helps with anxiety. I have had good results so far and have gone from dreading the thought of leaving the house for fear of how I'll cope (POTS-wise) once I've left the house to actually feeling okay about going out on my own, notwithstanding there is every possibility I could feel awful once I am out and about.

I hope that you have some success from homeopathy if you do decide to try it. But I need to warn you that it doesn't work for everyone. Some people have told me that they feel absolutely nothing on homeopathics, nothing good or bad. So you won't know how you react until you try it.

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I have tryed many types of alternative treatment over the years. Most of it ust cost me money and time. Non helped whit the pots symtoms.

I tryed homeopathy many years ago, it didnt do any thing for me . But seems like it does difrent things to difrent people. So if u have the money and trust the terapist why not try.

For me acupuncture did nothing the first time around. But years later i found one very recomended from many difrent people.

I did go regulary for a year. It did lilte for the pots, but it helped whit pms, my heavy periods, and some other smal stuff. So i am planning on going back.

I also whent to an ostiopath (recomeded he also). Han he made wounders whit my back, and hip etc. but again, nothing for the pots.

Best of luck to you :)

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