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Hi all!

Just wanted to share that I started a new med Imipramine back in March, which was given to me by my neuro who said it would help balance out my bp. Which fluctuated from high to low, also said it would help with daily headaches and with sleep problems. After now being on it for sometime along with my other meds I have had a HUGE improvement in my symptoms. I have more energy and am not as light headed or dizzy and headaches and sleep have improved. I have not fainted in sometime and am able to function alot better. To give you all an idea of what a big deal this is, I'll give you some history on me... I have had pots 2 1/2 years and had been bedbound for the first year, only able to sit or stand for about 20 mins or so at a time without fainting or feeling faint.With small improvements the following year though still needed much assistance to do most of my daily activities. I have been in and out of the hospital every few months since first getting sick like clock work. I havent' been in since Feb.of this year. I can now exercise and feel like I am half better which is a tremedous feat as you all know. I still take all my normal meds (midodrine,propanonal,florinef,xanax) and have to take it easy and monitor myself daily, but am so much more functional then I have ever been since being sick with pots. Hope this helps someone!!!

I thank the Lord for this medicine and for helping me stay strong in my faith so that I can share my experience with POTS to help someone else... :)

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