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Fasting Cortisol???


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I'm sure the lab is closed by now does anybody know how many hours is considered a legitimate fast?

My issue is due to that extreme weak feeling I get I usually get up in the middle of the night and eat.

So yeah I have the lab work ordered boo now I have to fast.

This is the list of labs my doctor ordered;

Free T 4

Free T 3

TPO antibodies

TSHRc antibodies


Cortisol fasting

She said my lab work is pretty amazingly good for where my weight is but I think she finally believes that something is off-that I am eating all day long and still not gaining.

She is willing to order a benzo that can be compounded if I want it but wants to see lab results first. In case it is stress and I am just too wound up.

She is requiring that I follow up with an endocrinologist.

I know you all have had mixed results with that-that lab tests can come out really wacky and be all over the place.

I am hoping the endo can sort that out or rule out a problem.

Fingers crossed, still scared out of my wits,,,but that goes along with what's brewing in my system. It brings on that anxiety feeling and I can feel on the verge of an episode for hours.

I think my focus will be getting that lab work done in am if possible...if I can manage the fast...and then just relax as much as possible and eat.

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I'm not sure on the fasting, but if you HAVE to eat, then maybe they should have done a fasting blood sugar, too. I'm guessing fasting would mean maybe 6-8 hours of not eating. Remember when someone is NPO after midnight, and they have a first morning procedure, that means the minimum they have not eaten is 6-7 hours. So, I think if you eat around midnight, you'll be fine for first thing in the morning.

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When I had my fasting glucose and cortisol levels done I was told not to eat after midnight (makes me sound like a gremlin lol). With having my evening meal at the latest of 7pm, it meant I hadn't eaten for 14 hours. I think they like it to be at least 8 hours without eating, I was allowed clear fluids at this time.

Hope this helps


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I did it!

It just so happened by the time I got my lamb chops dropped off to me and baked it was around 9 pm or so when I started eating that.

The lamb really helped hold me over although I did wake up a couple times and was so thirsty.

I just made up my mind I was gonna do this and get it over with rather than go another day with the stress of knowing I needed to do the fast.

So I just had the labwork done.

I think I feeling just a bit better.

Getting out of my bad home environment and having less stress I think is helping-now I just have to keep on eating.

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