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weird symptom question


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Hi everyone,

Just wondering I have started getting this newish symptom where my left hand at the wrist level goes really weak and it feels like it is fake and not part of my body sometimes this feeling is for my whole arm but mostly from the wrist down.

Has anybody heard of this or does it happen to them?


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My hands and feet can sometimes tingle, fall asleep, have horrible pain in them; it can be right, left or both. I'm not a doctor but sometimes I think it's because of hypovolemia or could be because of circulation. I know that when I'm very hypovolemic, I can't hold my hand up to do my hair because it goes numb right away and then immediately freezing cold. This is not an uncommon symptom for POTS patients.

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Yes, I get this in both limbs. It's sort of an "ultra-weak" feeling where I have no control over my hands.

It's very weird, and yes, a symptom of dysautonomia according to my doc.

My only suggestion is to keep drinking LOTS of fluids to help boost your volume.

Good luck!


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