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Which, If Any, Med Might Cool Me Down?

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Being hot is actually worse than being lightheaded!! At least being lightheaded, I can sit somewhere. Being hot makes me MORE lightheaded and chained to the house with its air-conditioning.

I am not on any meds for POTS. The ONLY med that I tried and felt cool with was an alpha/beta blocker(forgot the name), but my standing b/p was 70/40 on it. Needless to say, I can't function with that low of a blood pressure. BUT, I remember I was cool all day!! That was the only plus.

Do y'all notice any of those meds seem to make you cooler?

BTW, everytime I check my axillary temperature, it reads 96.5, which converts to 97.5 normal temp. So, I am not hot because of being hyperthyroid or anything like that. I tend to have a low temperature.

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I suspect that Florinef has helped cool me down a bit although I can't say this conclusively because I only started taking it in autumn (March) and it's now going into winter here.

This winter I seem to be coping a bit better with warm indoor environments. Last winter when I wasn't taking Florinef I was not tolerating warm indoor environments as well.

I have read elsewhere on this site that some people feel cooler on midodrine and mestinon. One person said they felt quite cold while taking midodrine.

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