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An Update And Discoveries

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It's been awhile since I've checked the forums. Things had gotten hard and I'm only just getting back in the swing of things. In the last few months a lot has happened. I was recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, honestly I wasn't surprised. I had suspected as much.

On the plus side I've made sure I'm aware and in tune with everything I have been feeling physically. It's paid off to.

The one thing I noticed that gives me relief whether it from the FM or just the flu like feeling that come with a POTS attack isn't a hardcore pain medicine.

Two words muscle relaxant. OMG was I surprised with the relief I got.

The only reason I found this out was because I did something weird to my back and I couldn't lay down or sit without pain. Since then I went to a pain doctor and he wrote me a prescription for the muscle relaxant. Now it doesn't solve everything, not by a long shot. However it's a start.

The next bit has been a real issue as of late. Losing weight and exercise, this is proving to be the biggest pain in my butt. I can't tolerate the exercise on a good day and in this heat I'm not gonna risk doing something stupid.

So I played Defying Gravity on repeat and scoured the web looking for an answer to my troubles.

I think I may have found what I've been searching for. Vibration Therapy. You just stand on the thing for ten minutes and let it vibrate (I initially rolled my eyes) here's the thing, even though you're just standing on the plate the vibrations it produces cause you're muscles to contract 20-30 times a minute and your body does this subconsciously.

I was skeptical at first but than I started to read everything I could get my hands on regarding it. I asked around and only heard good things about it when looking at the sources that would be the most accurate.

Still I wasn't sold I mean you how the media is these days. Then I read the health benefits.

There have been clinical trials that proves it increases bone density making it drug-free treatment for osteoporosis. I have Osteopenia that hasn't responded to anything I've done so this makes the whole thing more appealing.

Supposedly it also relieves chronic pain. A ton of people with FM say they've gotten relief using this. Honestly I'm willing to try anything that isn't a medicine at this point, thus it starts to look even better to me.

Here are the things that it does that I think would appeal to anyone with POTS.

Vibration Therapy with use also:

-Helps you to stand taller, longer.

-Gives you more physical stamina.

-Makes it easier to get up and down from a sitting position.

-Increases blood circulation.

-Lowers blood pressure

-Reduces inflammation.

-Boosts energy levels.

-Stimulates the neurological system.

In my opinion this could kill 4 birds, maybe even more, with one stone when it comes to my health.

It also does wonders for your physical appearance,(or so I'm told) That's why it has such a bad rep. It was first introduced tot he public as a way to loss weight without putting in the effort.

For people like us though we need a way to get exercise without exerting ourselves.

I did want bring up something about the dentist but that's something for another day. I think I've already covered enough for now.

Sorry for this post of epic proportions, It just I have discovered a lot in the few months I've been absent

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Happy to hear you are getting back into the swing of things. That is good news! but sorry for the hard times you've been through. Hopefully you can continue no the muscle relaxants since it helps with some of your issues and I've never heard of the vibration therapy thing but it sounds interesting. Did you say you've already tried it out?

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We actually use a vibration base (you just stand on it and it vibrates) when my hubby has muscle pain/back pain and it seems to actually help him. When my daughter gets pneumonia, we have her lay on it to help loosen the stuff in her lungs and it seems to help that too (and is easier than having to repeatedly tap on her back). However, I'm unable to tolerate it as the vibration makes me feel really weird and it seems to kind of affect my heart rhythm. So not sure if this would work as a weight lose plan for those of us with POTS.

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Sorry I'm only replying now my schedule been a little off (has been for years)

I went for a walk at 5:30 in the morning trying to get some exercise before it could get too warm outside. It worked to a degree but it was still rather hard on my body I had to come straight and and run an ice cold bath. I fell asleep not long after.

Getting back on topic...

I have not heard anything about this from anyone with POTS specifically but I have come across a select few with other forms of Dysautonomia who use it. I've also gotten feedback from a couple individuals with heart conditions. Everyone I do know that does this or has done it can't stop gushing whenever I bring it up, so that's got to count for something.

As far as standing for the indicated ten minutes I noticed that most of the machines I looked at have something grab onto so that the person using it doesn't vibrate off, so for me I would just lean on those if I have to and if the vibration does what it says eventually I shouldn't need to anymore. Also ten minutes is roughly the same as jogging for an hour or something similar to that. So even if you don't last for the full ten minutes you can at least rest assured that your body did something.

...I'm unable to tolerate it as the vibration makes me feel really weird and it seems to kind of affect my heart rhythm.

I'm pretty sure that's supposed to happen. The important question is, was it a good kind of weird or a weird when it's making things worse?

Now I haven't done it for myself yet but I hope to get started soon. I want to try it out somewhere first, if I like it and think it's worth the price I'll buy one of my own. I think they sell one that's around $150, I don't know if it holds up like some of the other models. I know there's a real reliable one that sells for $350. I'm getting a head of myself though.

I'm more inclined to try it few times and watch how things progress. I'm a firm believer in the saying that things have to get worse before they can get better but that's just my outlook things.

The fact of the matter is that this could help better a lot of what's keeping from living my life without medication. No meds! That's just something I have to try. I mean what's the worst that could happen? Don't answer that.

I'm still compiling a bunch of information and data on the health benefits of Vibration Therapy. I'll post a masterlist as soon as I can.

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Thanks for sharing! Would appreciate any info on brand names of good products.

Anyone looking for one affordable and decent should check out the different Vibratone models. From what I've been researching it's a very reliable brand. The more expensive brands just come with extra features.

All the machines work the same no matter what the brand or price is as long as you make sure you're looking at one that vibrates the whole body.

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