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Can An Epidsoe Really Be Induced By Orthodics?

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Ok I may be crazy but yesterday I got my brand new pair of custom made orthodics for my shoes because I have a bad case of plantars fascitis in my left foot. They told me only wear them a few hours at a time to build up to them. I wore them for 2 hours yesterday and I was running around a bit. They felt odd but I expected that. I took them off when I got home and about 2 hours later I started having a pretty good episode. During the episode my feet and calves were hurting and twitching and feeling like they were going to cramp up! The orthodics are they only thing that was different and I havent had an episode like that since I did yoga a month or so ago! I would get POTSy when I would ice and then heat my foot too. CRAZY! I know there are alot of nerves in your foot so I have to ask has anyone else had wierd experiences like this?


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