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Gastroparesis ? Effect On Medication


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Hello all,

Can anyone tell me tell me if gastroparesis, has an effect on how slow release medication works?!

I'm not sure of the effects on slow release meds but this is how I have changed my habits.

I have pretty bad conspitaion with my slow digestion, so every other morning I have my prune juice. I never know how well it will work so I do not take my meds till after the prune juice has worked. If I feel my stomach is very full, like at family dinners on sunday I delay taking certain meds, like klonopin with a long half life.

I have always wonder the medical answer to this question. I used to take procardia xl and sometimes I would see 3-4 of the procardia in one stool (sorry to be gross) but the dr. didn't seem to be too worried when I brought it up.

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Your example is exactly what makes me wander if my children and myself actually reap the full benefit of any of the medications we are given. My doctor was always pulling his hair out wandering why my BP would not go down regardless to the amount of meds I was/am on, he even implied that I must not be taking them on purpose!!! as my BP would not go down. This has me thinking about how targeted meds actually work! off to look it up I think!

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