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Fear As A Symptom

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This is going to be hard to describe. Do any of you sometimes feel frightened? It's not anxiety, it's not that you're scared about all that is going on, but it's a fearful feeling inside that is a symptom unto itself. I have read that people who are about to have a heart attack can get a sensation of "impending doom." It's kind of like that. This is a symptom that comes and goes for me - it is usually not present, but can come out of nowhere. I have had it for the last few days. I just had my period so my hormones are on the rise this week - maybe it's related. Just wondered if anyone else gets this.

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Yes part of my hyperadrenergic symptoms are random feelings of jitteriness or impending doom. Its not really a panic attack though, more just a sudden random shot of adrenaline. My doctor suggested that the body uses adrenaline some times to try and fix abnormal blood flow when the normal mechanisms fail. But for me it can happen any time.

Also in POTs fear and startle responses can be misinterpreted in POTS, aggrevating symptoms.

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