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Florinef, Am Or Pm?


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For those who take Florinef, do you take it AM or PM? At first my son took it PM but thought maybe it was causing trouble sleeping so switched to AM. That was a couple months ago, but now my son is waking up with tachy heartbeat (110 bpm at least by the time I get in his room, may be higher) and I assume drop in bp. A few times I did catch very low bp with this exact symptom but most of the time when I take it it has returned to low normal 90's/60's. I don't take it anymore because it distresses him terribly because it causes pain.

Also last night his hands and arms were cold and his fingers hurt.

Would switching to PM help this?

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I take it twice a day, breakfast and dinner. I haven't had those symptoms though. I take it twice a day so my BP doesn't drop in the eve when I'm up and around. That can be my busiest time of day with 4 kids needing baths and getting them ready for bed. That's why I take it twice.


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