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Effects Of Weather Shifts?

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Although I have experienced many symptoms throughout most of my life, I did not crash and burn until this last January. I suddenly became unable to keep my BP up long enough to walk across the room (along with a myriad of other problems); however, the inability to keep my BP up caused me to take a leave of absence from work/school. Thanks to my own advocacy, I was able to find a doctor willing to work with me after four months of "Drink more water!". :)

At my last appointment, she warned me that the heat would cause me to crash. We had experienced a very random couple of 90 degree days the week before. I had been concerned because although the Midodrin typically keeps my BP up, it was not able to on those days. I know now to expect this. I am in the trial and error phase of dysautonomia and feeling a little desperate right now.

Is there any correlation with extreme shifts from hot to cold? Or even when it feels like you cannot keep your body warm? Is it more related to humidity than hot/cold?

Thank you all in advance for your input!


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Hello lizababy,

I too am interested in what others hopefully will say, as these women (and some men) on here are amazingly intelligent. I do know, i crash and i crash hard in warm weather. I cannot be out in the sun more than just a few mins or i start feeling a myriad of symptoms starting and fainting coming on. I always feel better in colder weather, than warmer. Hence, perhaps is why i've hated summer since i was a child, it just made me miserable.

My own personal body seems to not be able to keep itself at a comfortable degree as i get hot and then cold, over and over all day and all night long. Turn on the fan... 1 min later, turn off the fan, 2 mins later turn on the fan, 2 mins later turn off the fan... so on and so forth. Drives me crazy at the present.

You should hear that most of us here cannot tolerate heat, it's one of the biggies (in my humble opinion)in our disease(s).....

nice to meet you, wishing you well,

tennille in tennessee

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I'm profoundly sensitive to humidity, and only slightly sensitive to heat. High humidity makes me feel weak, regardless of temperature; I get the 'overheating' sensation if the humidity is over 75%. (Though my BP isn't actually lower overall, as far as I can tell, when it's humid--it just has a sharper drop when I stand up.) And my migraines are sensitive to barometric pressure changes, so I'm a total mess. tongue.gif

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Whenever the weather changes, I have from a few days to a few weeks of increased pain and fatigue. Summers certainly are the most difficult time, but we just got a heat pump installed B) . During warm periods I know to increase my hydration, wear my cooling vest, keep a spray bottle near to help me stay cool, and I increase my compression (I wear 40-50mmHg thigh high hose in the summer). Even though it's hot, I still try to get in some form of exercise to help keep my legs strong.

If you do type in "heat" or "summer" in the DINET search box, you'll probably find lots of threads that post helpful info.

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My son must be the odd-ball on here. He does horribly in the winter months and does better in Spring and Summer. From December through March he is so much sicker.

Any weather change, though, effects him and takes him a little while to even out. But, twice over the winter, his body temperature fell to 93 and 94 degrees. So, we look forward to warmer months for him.


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What is really confusing to me (most of it I am trying to make a correlation and figure out what is going on with my body) are these extreme shifts from hot to cold to hot back to cold. I have been in the Chicago area my entire life so naturally I am used to the crazy weather. These last few weeks we have been warm/hot for three days then it shifts down to low 50s for a few days and shifts back to hot again. With each shift to the cold, I find myself unable to do much more than sleep and unable to keep my BP up. I am not sure if it has to do with the weather change or the moments when I am unable to get my body warm. I am barely recovered before the weather is shifting AGAIN!

Is this a common problem with extreme shifts in the weather no matter what way the tide is turning?

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