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Just wanted to say that I got a Pilates Gym recently, and I love it. I can exercise almost every muscle group while lying flat or sitting. It doesn't fatigue me the way every other type of exercise does, as I am not bending over or walking around. I found even yoga to be a problem before due to this. I got mine used, so I saved some money.

Just wanted to share a positive!

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I have been using one too! It is so amazing! I never knew how strength training was supposed to feel until I started using this. In the past, every time I would do strength training my reason for becoming fatigued was not due to my muscles, but to my heart. Now I can actually fatigue my muscles and get some strength!!!! The first time I used it, I actually overdid it without realizing it because I was waiting for a cue from my heart, so I just kept on exercising. The next day I was very sore and quickly realized that this was the PERFECT exercise!!!

All of the exercises are done either sitting or lying down, and it's actually FUN to use. I do not get any tachycardia which was a true first for me, although I do get a little sweaty. After using it I feel like I have energy which is also incredible!

I definitely recommend it!!! :D

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